1994 - 2010

Normie, you became the forces of Nature in my life. You made me smile, even as day-to-day disappointments rained and storms swirled my anxious thoughts. With your playfulness, you coaxed me to enjoy the stillness inside each moment.

Now I want to express gratitude for the gift of your generous companionship. You reminded me of all the good that is possible to find in this world – loyalty, selflessness, courage, devotion and unconditional love. Memories of what you taught me will keep you in my heart forever.

…..“Loyal, loving, faithful, brave
Until my saddest day
When you went alone your lonely road
But here I had to stay.
Oh you will live on in my heart
My little friend so true,
And memories of you fill my mind
Until I go to you.”
- Grace Strong Dignowity