2004 - 2018

It is May 3rd, 2021 and today would have been your 17th birthday.
Morgan, you will always be part of my History.
And the wonderful thing about History is that it lasts Forever.
When I adopted you from one of the girls in the office I brought you home and named you Morgan.
Little did we know it would be the first of five homes we lived in until you passed away.
We moved often but you didn't mind - as long as we were together.
Our first home was a nice condo on Yonge Street.
But I had come so attached to you that I did not want to miss a single moment of your growing up so I took early retirement to spend all my time with you.
We moved to a smaller condo in London and began our life with nothing but each other in a new town.
But we missed Toronto, so we moved back to our third condo at Yonge and Finch.
This is where we met your new mommy and new little brother, "Happy".
As your new mommy and I drew closer, we moved into her condo and your fourth home.
It wasn't large enough for the four of us so we all moved into your fifth home where you enjoyed the rest of your days.
I am so fortunate to have shared your journey, Morgan.
I miss you so much.
You are always with me.
I am always with you.
Your mommy and I will keep you safe in our hearts.