1997 - 2010

MOJO – our sweet little boy. You were a constant shadow to each of us, and although we lost a best friend, we will take the heartache and deal with the pain, to know you don’t have to anymore. You brought so much joy to the family, with your loving heart and it was always wonderful to return home to your tail wagging at the door. It was like you never left the landing, waiting for us to come home. We will miss swimming with you this summer, and hearing your barks at the mailman. You were the best 10lb guard dog, as you sat in the window day and night, watching life. Enjoy all the juicy fruit gum, hot roast beef and alphabet cereal you can, in puppy heaven. We appreciate all the professional love and care MOJO received from Dr. Bell & Dr. Egan, at Egan Animal Hospital, Chatham Ontario. We sure will miss you little buddy, watch for us on the rainbow bridge. We love you little man!