2007 - 2021

On the morning of January 11, 2021, we had to make the most heart-wrenching decision of our lives: to let Maggie go. She fought so hard to stay after a 5 month battle with advanced cancer, right down to the last breath. No matter how badly we wanted her to stay, she was suffering – we let her know it was okay to let go. That we would make it through until we saw her again. Though, in this moment, that feels near impossible.

Maggie – our Mags, Magmonster, Maggamuffin, Magsamillion – was with us for 13.5 amazing years. We feel blessed to have been her parents for even one second of them and grateful she and our baby had an opportunity to become close. She’s seen us through thick and thin and her companionship is something we never took for granted.

Mags loved walks, car rides, cuddles (especially belly and ear rubs and bum scratches) and playing tug with her toy duck Sir Quacksalot/Mr. Quackers. She was quite the foodie as well, with her very favourites being cucumber, watermelon and of course Timbits!

She was the friendliest of souls and left an impression on everyone she met. Maggie loved her voice and you could hear her bark for miles. Not even a citronella collar could squash her passion for ‘talking’ and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. What we wouldn’t do to hear it every day for decades to come.

To say we are broken is an understatement. Maggie was our daughter and living a life without her hurts our hearts in ways we didn’t think imaginable. There will never be another Maggie and our family feels so incomplete without her. She was our ‘zing’ – the love of our lives – and we will all miss her terribly until we get to meet her on the Rainbow Bridge.