2001 - 2010

July 1 2001 to Jan 25 2010
I remember driving 3 hours just to get to you, you came from a litter of 12 and you always wanted me to hold you, when i picked you up you kissed me and would not let me go, i would put you down to see the others and you were the one who ran and jumped back on to me, it was an instant connection and i knew from that moment on you were going to be my everything. i took you home and called you Mattie later that name became your nick name and your full name became Madiline-Hunter, you were only 6 weeks old when i brought you home. you always made me want to be better you were the reason i needed to go into the animal field. you always made me smile when i was down, i told you all my thoughts, feelings and sorrows, you were there for some of the hardest moments in my life, and some of the happiest. Madiline, mommy will always love you more then words will ever explain, no one will take your place you forever imprinted your heart into my heart. you were always happy and loving you never had a dull moment, from stealing my things and hiding them everywhere to nipping my ankles as i walked, to your crazy bounces in the grass. when you turned 9 still you had a life of a baby, thanksgiving of 2010 you got lose from your cage outside and went missing for 3 days, ferrets dont have a sense of smell and once gone, they are forever lost. you were no were to be found i searched high and low and no sign of my best friend. on the 3ed day when i was just coming to grips i may not see you again, you showed up on my front steps, how long were you sitting there i will never know, i found out later you climbed all my back steps sat there pooped and when you noticed i wasn't coming to the back, you walked all the way to the front and sat there until i came out and saw you. but you came home and you were hurt, i thought this was it , i rushed you to an er i thought your back leg was broken you had bites all over you and you seemed in so much pain you cried all night, later on the doctors told me you were okay, you went on meds and nothing was broken it would just be a long recovery time, 3 months later and you were back up and bouncing around, i noticed a growth kept an eye on it but it kept growing i new something was wrong and in my heart new it was cancer and took you in, you had cancer and my world shattered you hung in there and you needed all my love and attention and that was what you got, i worked lessed, went out rearly, and never left your side. i had a cruse to go on and you stayed with my best friend she said you werent doing too good and you looked everywere for me, i came home and rushed to you and you lept in my arms happy mommy didnt forget about you, one week later you went down hill i knew it was coming, i made the choice to end your struggle to make me happy, but i couldn't let you continue this way, the day i was going to help you become young and playful again. that whole day you layed in my arms kissing me, knowing it was time, you looked in my eyes and with a golt of frenzy attack you went, dramatically and not so peacefully, im sorry i left you to suffer for so long, but thankyou for all the time you struggled to keep mommy so happy, to care for me in my darkest moments, "never under estimate the power of love" that is what you taught me.
mommy loves you and i await every moment till i will be greeted by your amazing kisses and hugs i know you watch me because i feel you in my room i look at your urn everyday and remember the great times we had. i dont feel cheated on our time you lived to your life span and almost past it you would have been 10 this past July, and your life span is 7-9 years. so thank you so making it to 9 and a half. your one special girl some ever forget mommy is always here loving you see you some day baby girl xoxoxoox thankyou for choosing me as your mommy and the one you turned to for your life, the love support trust, the needs and wants you needed. i hope i made you proud. "to love you was the greast pleasure in the world to have your love was the greatest honor i will ever have"