Lily Cookie Cockapoo

Feb 17 2000 - Feb 9 2012. I love and miss you so much cookie monster, did you know you passed on the same day as grandma? I bet she was waiting for you :) you know she hated dogs but liked you hah...I miss waking up to you barking at me to give you breakfast because you just loved food so much!! I miss the way you would sit ur butt in front of the heater and fart so the smell would go through out the whole room, lol see i'm still laughing about that..I miss taking you on the bus..I miss EVERYTHING about you babygirl..Molly misses you, Andrew misses you, Marie misses you, Annette misses you, Maya misses you, Daddy misses you..and I MISS YOU SO MUCH!! Love you FOREVER!! soulmates babygirl.