Lilo (nini)

2012 - 2020

There are no words to describe Lilo and the amount of Joy, Love, Peace and Harmony she put into my life. She was the first dog I truly called my own. She was loud, crazy and so smart. She was incredible, nothing short of miraculous, if you asked me. I remember the first day I picked her up, the 2 hour drive to Muskoka was the longest drive of my life...I just couldn't wait to pick her up. 8 years later and a million adventures together she passed suddenly at home, from sever pancreatitis, surrounded by the people she loved the most. June 24, 2020 is, and always will be, the worst day of my life. There was nothing we could have done to change the outcome, but I will never forgive myself.

Lilo, my Nini, me and you grew up together. You were part of so many changes in my life from heartbreaks, new loves, career changes and everything in between. You were the one constant in my life and it is something that I am eternally grateful for. Not a moment goes by that I don't think of that beautiful wet black snout and the loud squeaks from your favorite toy "sharky". You are and always will be my baby, my daughter, the absolute love of my life. God took you too soon, you had so much life to live and love to give. I'm a heartbroken mess without you by my side.

I can't wait for the day that we will meet again where I can hold you and kiss you and give you all the belly rubs. To my little chonkster I miss you dearly, but I am glad that you are no longer in pain and you get to spend the rest of eternity with your best buddy 'Stitch' and my Nonno. We thank you for all the special memories you gave us and we know that you've been given the prettiest pair of angel wings.

Love you to infinity and beyond my very Special Nini.
Ohana means family and you were the best part of ours.
xoxo Mommy, Daddy, Nonna Lily and Nonno Sante