2002 - 2009

Lady was our special little girl. Her daddy and I still have her six brothers and sisters but Lady was our beautiful, sweet princess. When I first got Lady, she had chronic medical problems, she had many xrays and tests done to her but, throughout it all, she was the sweetest, most beautiful little girl! She met her daddy and her mommy at the front door each time we came home. She loved to play! Any time someone came into our house she would follow them around and want to be pet (everyone wanted to take her home with them)! She also used to walk up to her daddy's pillow every night and lie above his head with her little paw just resting on top of his head. She brought us unending joy and unconditional love! Our hearts are broken at losing our little ladybug! She was taken from us too soon but at least she's not suffering any more! Lady.....we will ALWAYS love you and miss you. Please wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge with your other brothers and sisters who are already on the other side. When daddy and mommy see you again....our tears will be tears of joy - not sorrow. WE LOVE YOU.