Joey Warner

1994 - 2009

May 23, 1994 - December 23, 2009 5 pm

My little man, my bub. I felt safe with you by my side. You looked out for me. And you were such a trooper. In retrospect, you have had arthritis for a very long time but you refused to admit it didn’t you, and you just wanted to keep up. You couldn’t possibly stay in the house when I went to the barn. You just had to be with me. How you caught that mouse when you couldn’t even get up on your own I will never know. You never lost your mental alertness and still were quick and fast even in your final hours. Your life was too short and I will carry your memory with me until my final breath and then I will see you again. You and Samantha will be there to meet me with tails wagging. You were my best friends.

What I will never forget about you Joey.
· How you would alert Champ to a groundhog, let him be the killer then you would carry it around whining for hours until you found that perfect spot to bury it · When you went after the geese swimming by at the cottage and they tried to bite you back and you ran the other way, and fast
· You never liked swimming at the beach much but when Samantha swam out for the stick that I threw for her to retrieve and she would never bring it back, you would
· The time you brought that dead water rat up on the back deck on Canning Rd for me. I threw it in the bush and you brought it back again. Was that an offering?
· How you remembered where we buried Samantha and liked to hang around there when we went to the bush
· How you layed in the water in the ditch on a hot summer day.
· How you smelled even when you were dirty, you had a great dog smell
· Your soft coat and how it crimped after a bath
· How you hated being groomed and would yelp at the slightest tug. Big baby Joe. That beautiful coat of yours was a curse to you. You were such a beautiful boy.
· When we tried to hug you saying “Oh Joey, we love you” and you hated being hugged you would groan as if to say “Please get off me!”
· How you loved to talk.
· Your love of food, you would practically take off a hand, even in the end
· Burping after a good meal
· You trotted like a pacer, never seen a dog do that before.
· The matching warts you and Samantha had right on the top of your heads. You aren’t even related.
· Your companionship on our trail rides
· How you would get in between Champ and Samantha when he got aggressive with her. Good Boy!
· Most of all, how you were always by my side. Sometimes I think I can still hear you roaming around when I wake up in the morning.
I love you Joe and miss you terribly.