Joey Cruz

2011 - 2023

It is with profound heartbreak and overwhelming sadness to tell you we lost our most beautiful boy Joey (Jojo). It all happened so suddenly. The early morning snow has covered his foot prints in his back yard. The place where he loved to chase squirrels, roll himself in the grass, or just lay there and smell the air. Jojo stole the hearts of everyone and had this power to overwhelm you with his joy. Always by our side, he took us on the most beautiful journey of love for the past 11 - almost 12 years. A puppy right up until the end. He was laughter, joy, deep love, a true companion and crazy all in one. That face of his would just melt you. And even in his “golden” years, he still looked like a puppy. Joey will live in our hearts forever. That face, that loving, full of joy personality is etched in our memories forever. We have countless extraordinary beautiful moments that will filter through as we mourn our loss. Until we meet again my beautiful boy, keep spreading your love and joy🤍
Mommy & Daddy
“I loved you your whole life, I will miss you the rest of mine”