Jasmine Brinsmead

2007 - 2020

Jasmine Brinsmead
“Jasmine’s so pretty! Jasmine’s so B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!
Jasmine’s such a Good Girl! Mommy loves Jasmine! Jasmine loves Mommy!”

Jasmine crossed the rainbow bridge Friday, October 16, 2020 peacefully in the arms of her Mommy. Born October 2007, on the Toronto Lakeshore in a gopher hole, to the lapping sound of water, Jasmine was adopted from Annex Cate Rescue with her beloved brother Jerry by her loving cat Dad Duncan and Mommy Anne-Marie. She is survived by her brother and parents, loving their tigress with blond eyeshadow and reddish highlights of longish fur.

Jasmine’s favourite role in life was being Mommy’s lap kitty every time she sat down and every night watching old Turner Classics’ black and white movies – gently licking Mommy’s hand, random acts of love when Mommy needed and cherished them most.

Joyous activities included: Playing hide and go seek behind the shower curtain, only to be retrieved and cuddled aloft every time Mommy was in a washroom. – Waiting patiently for her workaholic Mommy to sweep her into her arms after work atop wicker dresser drawers. – Then being petted and brushed and kissed, atop, at eye level, four feet in air. – Being Jerry brother’s “Mother”, deeply washing his face, ears, eyes and body fur with expert “licks” until his coat glistened, cuddling multiple times a day. – Sharing her love and depth of generosity toward all, transforming Jerry into a loving, affectionate gentleman. – Giving little kisses, “chortles” and purring to Mommy and Dad Duncan when petted, brushed or sweet-talked. – Drinking from the water dripping from the faucet in the 2FL washroom when turned on as soon as parents arrived home from work or visited the “water closet” multiple times a day. – Preparing Mommy in early mornings to go to work with her little dark rose and gold eyes tilted up, white bib and splendiferous back-lit, sun-lit coat, with her question mark of a tail in greeting, her chattering in chortles “good morning, oh you woke me up and ahhh – you’ve arrived and how are you?” as the very talkative and affectively present soul that she was. – Gazing out the bay window at the birds in the feeder below, admiring herself in the mirror, braiding herself between your legs in affection. –Taking pleasure in revealing humbly her intelligence in strategically, with minimal energy exertion and dexterity, precisely capturing a cat toy on a string toy or hanging from a table or chair leg. – Relishing being fed by hand her human grade turkey weekend mornings from Mommy’s fingers, her toughly gentle tongue lapping up the morsels. – Reuniting with Dad Duncan and Mommy upon their return after being away, cat whisperer care from Soula in their absence, with Mommy lying on rug with fireplace warmth anon, walking, settling and cuddling atop Mommy’s chest for strokes of petting, sweet nothings, chortles and purrs, in their cat kingdom at ground level.

Most of all, Jasmine and Mommy loved cuddling nightly at bedtime and weekend mornings as we read, nestling on Mommy’s right shoulder, purring in joy, inspiring peace and comfort.

Jasmine is Mommy’s Heaven on Earth!

“I love you forever, I will like you for always, AAs long as I am living, my Jasmine you’ll be!