Hondo lane


Hondo and his brother, Bucky, came to us as RESCUEs. Two very terrified boys with a lot of baggage.
Hondo was extremely hostile and would try to bite and basically dominate us. With a lot of patience and many many cuddle sessions the true side slowly started to appear.
Hondo was the most loving, sensitive and affectionate bunny. Hondo was very happy and extremely healthy. With no warning he suddenly died.
Hondo left a large hole in our hearts and his brother Bucky is very sad. Bucky misses his brother very much.
We only had a little over 4 years with Hondo and we cherish every memory we had with him. I hope we made the last four years a lot better for you Hondo compared to the horrific living conditions you came from.
Until we meet again. Cross freely over the rainbow bridge my beautiful boy and run and jump through the many fields of yummy clover. We love and miss you so much Hondo, especially your brother Bucky.