Harley Cullen


It is with sadness we convey that our beloved chocolate lab, Harley, passed away this afternoon at home at the age of 12 years with his parents by his side. Dr. Joan Grant, DVM presided. Harley came to us as a rescue in September 2000 at the age of two. He belonged to a young family in Toronto who could not care for him. Upon arrival Harley was extremely anxious and unsocial. It was Jim who Harley took to immediately and with Jim's kind encouragement Harley revived and he and Sarah, our very own chocolate lab, a social butterfly, became constant companions. At first Harley had a penchant to eat our cat, Gaffer; however, they eventually agreed to disagree on any contact, save for a row now and then to clear the air. Harley's favorite activity was fetching green tennis balls from the water of Moose Lake and did so for hours each day from ice breakup to almost freeze up. When he tired of that game he would sit on the beach and tear the ball into pieces. We purchased many green tennis balls these past years, remnants of which can still be found in the sand here and there. Harley will be cremated and reside on our beach for the summer along with the remains of his lone surviving green tennis ball. Our dear brave heart, Harley, will be in our thoughts forever more.