2014 - 2020

Our blue eyed boo. Archie came in to our lives full of love and gave us so much happiness. Archie was a beautiful cat that we cherished every moment with. Sadly he struggled with chronic constipation his whole time with us. We worked on it with different medications and foods. He was happy enough though he might of not been feeling that great all the time. On Aug 24th we walked in to a tragic situation where he was unconscious. We rushed our boy to the vet close by to us and unfortunately Archie had already started his new journey crossing the rainbow bridge. My husband and I were absolutely shocked and we had no warning that this would happen. Our lovie had passed away from heart failure. We miss him every single day. I would give anything to hear him scratch the cat tree at the front door when we arrive back home to greet us. I miss him standing at door waiting for me to pull away to work each day. He would head butt my husband to show him how much he loved him. We lost our baby. We have his litter mate Ivy who has struggled too with the loss of his brother. Until we meet again, our love for you will never fade away as we know you’ll be waiting for us on the other side. Love to you until that day. Xoxo 2014 -2020