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2003 - 2016

runner, swimmer, pizza lover, scruf, loyal companion. Born around October 1, 2003, somewhere near Keswick, ON; died on November 11, 2016, in Toronto, ON, of natural causes, aged 91.
A mangy mutt if you ever saw one. Possibly part-coyote. And bitey with kids. But apparently a perfect pet for a young couple starting their lives together. So began Max’s journey from troubled rescue to one-bedroom apartment in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood.
With his pals Peter, Claire, Marcelo and Gillian, Max terrorized the Annex and had great adventures at the parks, beaches and ravines of Toronto. He only seemed truly himself once off-leash and at top speed chasing balls, sticks or small animals. Max learned to swim when he ran off the end of a pier at Toronto harbour. He put this skill to use chasing beavers at Honey Harbour (it also came in handy there when his obsession with flashlights extended to the moon’s reflection out in the Bay) and on canoe trips with Claire, Peter, Andrew, Nick and others on Lake Huron, the Trent-Severn, in Algonquin Park and on the Tusket River… for a scruffy orphan, what an awesome dog!
As Max aged, his roommates lives grew busier and busier. The move to a new house, two babies that grew into curious toddlers then active little kids, less attention, but perhaps more pizza crust, Max eased into retirement. Despite his reputation (and obvious dislike of anyone crowding his space), he never actually bit Simone or Loïc. So much changed in their lives over the years. Except Max. He was the constant – the same scruffy, athletic, ‘eternal puppy’, until his last few months or so. Thanks Max for being our buddy for so many great years.
Peter and Claire were Max’s roommates.