1995 - 2011

My little Tiger-Bear, I miss you so much. 16 years you were with me and it just wasn't enough. I wish I had made the decision to end your suffering sooner, but you just went downhill so quickly. I hoped you would bounce back like you had in the past, I should have known this time was different. I'm glad you chose to go on your own, I asked you to do that for me so I wouldn't have to make the decision. Thank you so much for that my little baby girl. I'm so thankful you're not suffering anymore. This last year has been tough for both of us, you were a fighter until the end. I hope you know how much I love you, I will never have another kitty quite like you. I miss my cuddle-buddy, I miss your constant meow meow meow for food, especially the 6am wake up calls. Roxy misses your kisses, and Princess too. You were the most wonderful cat a person could ever ask for. I swear I keep seeing you around the house, sometimes I hear you meow and I wonder if you're okay. I know you are, your suffering is over and you're at peace now. Say hello to Keishe, mom misses her a lot. I'll meet you at the bridge my little one, run free! xoxoxoxo love Rebecca