2016 - 2023

Dearest Shoko, beautiful girl
The sweetest temperament, more precious than a pearl,
With those gorgeous brown eyes, ever so bright
Mesmerizing all with a radiant light

A true Beagle personality, pure love on display,
Your Rotti power, usually concealed, hidden away,
yet a sudden roar, an unambiguous might
if anyone even pretended to fight

No matter how lazy, no matter your mood,
nothing motivated you more than food
Legit or not, be it pork, veges, even goose shite (!),
You would woolf it down, like it was a never-before sampled delight.

Who can forget your natural affinity to retrieve a stick,
how you'd devour it, never to get sick
Or with us camping, sharing your delightful love of water,
A fully fledged member of the family, our hairy sister and hairy daughter

We'll miss your bark, your wag, your kiss
The way you'd lie beside us, full of bliss
All of a sudden, now the room is quiet and still, our chests heavy with an ache so real

The memories and moments, the love you gave us,
cherished by so many, whose broken voices cry out in chorus,
Deep in our hearts you'll remain forever,
Beloved Shoko, precious girl, our priceless treasure.