2006 - 2023

Panda, I found you at the side of the road July 4, 2006 where you had been dumped off. I know you think I rescued you, but the truth is you rescued us. You were such a beautiful boy inside and out and you are missed terribly. I miss you at night when i go to bed and you aren't there on your pillow to wrap your paw around my neck and snuggle and kiss. I miss putting you on the vanity to get a drink out of the tap. I miss taking you for your daily walks around the house to check out where the other cats have been. I miss feeding you and scooping your litter. Unfortunately, 6 days before christmas, we had to make the dreaded decision to let you go. We couldn't watch you suffer and we made the promise to you years ago we wouldn't watch you suffer. We were happy to have been able to keep you happy and comfortable for 5-1/2 weeks after the cancer diagnosis. Every day we just asked for 1 more day with you. Letting you go is the hardest thing we've ever had to do. Forever in our hearts. Mom and Dad ♥