2007 - 2020

I let you go, into your eternal sleep on May 11, Monday at 12:30 pm. Today is Friday and my heart is breaking, even more everyday. I keep looking for you Mya. I have not taken your food dish away, it still sits where you left it. Abby is using your bed, and snuggling into your blanket. I cannot take it away. I wait for you to come to bed with me, at night, and you are not there. I watch for you, when I wake during the night, and I don't see you. I have horrible dreams, and wake up, hoping your are right beside me. I feel so empty and alone, even though your Sister and I cuddle constantly. She is really feeling your loss. She is very sad, and on constant watch, to see if you are going to walk through our door. I feel you during the night, for some reason, when I wake, I feel like you are right there. I wish you were. I know your not. I miss you so much baby girl. I hope your are very happy now that you are no longer suffering, from Cancer. I hope you were as happy with me, with the kids, with Abby and your Mother, as you are right now. You gave me such happiness, every time we looked into each others eyes. Every time we cuddled and played. You gave me, so much love and so much contentment. I cannot bare this loss. I am so broken Baby girl. And Mommy misses you, so much!!!
Forever in my heart, Miss Mya.
Until I see you again. :( :( :(