2012 - 2024

To my little Muffin

I have so much to say to you.. I don’t even know where to begin. I’ll start when I first met you.. I didn’t know that I was getting you, my dad surprised me when he picked me up and I opened the car door and you were right there and you jumped into my arms. you were so shy and scared of everyone else but you were comfortable with me. My family asked me what I was going to name you.. and the first thing that came to mind was Muffin. Everyone thought it was weird at first but I thought it suited you. You were so small and fluffy and I remember brushing you and petting you and the way you looked up at me I knew you finally felt safe. You had such a rough start in life with your previous owners, I know they weren’t good to you. But I made a promise to you that I will love you and take care of you no matter what. I will cherish all the fun adventures we had and the times you tried to catch rabbits and birds and from you barking at every dog, you had to let them know you own the block lol. You made my life feel so complete, you always made me laugh and smile you filled my empty heart. You were there for me from break ups to my dad passing. You were always by my side. But what I will miss the most is waking up every morning and saying good morning to you while you run up to me while wagging your fluffy tail. You were such a diva and definitely spoiled little girl, I was so blessed to have you as my pet you are one of a kind special little girl who took the world by her paws! But what makes you so precious and special of all is when you and I first came into this world we didn’t know what being loved felt like until we met. You made me feel so loved.. Thank you for everything Muffin, I don’t know how I’m gonna move on but I will cherish you for the rest of my life. I’m so sorry you had to suffer at the end but at least you are pain free and I hope you are with my dad getting endless belly rubs and treats. RIP my little angel.. until we meet again 🤍🐾 11:11 💫
March 1 2012- February 3 2024