2004 - 2018

It is November 3, 2023 and five long years since you passed away in my arms.
Morgan, it is still so hard to accept that you are gone.
Remembering you is easy but missing you is a heartache that never goes away.
Five years is such a long Time.
Morgan, they say that Time heals all wounds.
But that will only come once you have paid the price - Time.
What no one tells you, though, is how much Time it is going to take.
The Years fly by but Time stands still.
Morgan, you found your way into my life and into my heart.
And no matter how much Time passes I will never forget you.
I will not ever let you fade away into the mists of Time.
I miss you, Morgan, I miss you every day.
You are always with me.
I am always with you.
Your mommy and I will always keep you safe in our hearts.