2012 - 2024

Max,Maxwell, Maxamillion, fat max, sir Maxwell, Maxii..

To our little buddy, For a cat with more names than one, you gave our family the opportunity to spend 12 long years with you.

Years that will be forever cherished.

Our son has seen you grow from a kitten to a senior, as you have seen him grow from an infant to a teenager; a little boy who you shared a special bond with.

This has been one of the most heart breaking moments we have encountered, loosing a family member as that is what you have always been.

From sleeping on pizza boxes instead of the bed, chilling out in the bathtub, knocking over dishes because they were in your way, or flipping your water dish because your water wasn’t cold enough. Just small little things we will all miss.

For a feline with a big personality, who would give head buts when he wanted attention, or would come running for a bag of treats. You, Maxwell have brought so much joy, happiness and laughter to our lives and without you our wild family will never be the same.

We will forever miss you dearly, love you always and cherish your memory.

Here’s to you maxiiii, rest in sweet peace little buddy. Xox