2000 - 2010

Lill was our little girl and a big sister to Justice, our German Shepherd, even though she was half his size. Lill enjoyed all life's activities including camping, ball games, boating, hiking, but mostly Lill loved to swim. In 2005 we moved to Peterborough, and on our moving day as we arrived at our new house, Lill refused to get out of the car and explore her new home. We finally got her to out of the car by promising her a new Barbie pool of her own. If you knew Lill, you knew that her idea of a Barbie pool meant the most elaborate pool imaginable, and so the following year she got her Barbie pool. Lill lived to swim all summer long. She could even swim under water and hold her breath for at least 20 sec. while she chased her ball as one of us held it under for her to chase. The winters were long for Lill as she mainly slept and dreamed of her pool. Lill was the boss, but the most loving little girl anyone could ever want to know.
We will miss Little Lady. She was our very special Lill girl.