1996 - 2009

Jesse poo pooh I miss you and love you.
I am sorry that you had such a hard time dealing with your experience being lost outside for 2 months 12 yrs ago but I was so glad to get you back even though you were mutilated by a cat. When you came home I treated you like a King and Bengy protected you like a body guard he felt your pain.
You will always be my special birdy .
When you were passing over to the bridge I was there with you and thank you for passing away in my hands .
I will miss you lots , I have your ashes here right beside your big brother philly who always walked into the bird room to check on you. Philly was a special cat who passed 4 days before you I guess that is why you left with him also.
I love you my little Jesse your little face in the pic shows you are happy on the bridge. RIP Jesse xxoo