Jasmine (Molu)

2014 - 2023

Our beloved Jasmine was a rescue. We adopted her at the age of five months. She was placed into our lives by God's incredible plan . Only a few in the world are blessed to have a gem like her as their pal. She was loving, intuitive of our woes and always comforted us in her special way, whether it was through her feisty meows, head bunts, rubbing up on our legs or curling up in our laps (for someone who was not a cuddly cat)! Her love for my son was indescribable; they were like two peas in a pod.

Through my treatment phase she sat by my side like an angel and comforted me with her presence. I could never explain how she knew when I was unwell or in pain. That was Molu and her special ways.

She was a true angel sent from heaven and now Michael and I have an angel watching over us.

Jasmine's memories will be cherished forever. Though our time together was much too short, we know that we will reunite with her one day.