1995 - 2007

Indigo was the greatest Chow that ever lived. He came into our lives on a dare one snowy, grey November evening. He quickly became our boy; always following us around quietly, being a perfect gentleman, and accepting the broken dogs that Mummy would bring home with good grace. He was never ill. One Easter Monday, we noticed that something was amiss with him, and over the course of the next week, it bacame clear that he could not survive the hand that had been dealt him. We let him quietly slip away to join his brother Maxx and his Grandpa, who had left us a month before. We left his collar and tags on the banister at the front door ever since. Now, every time someone come comes home and grabs the banister, we hear that familiar and comforting tinkle of metal tags, and sometimes, just for a moment, wonder when he will come bounding around the corner. He was the greatest boy; our Monkey Nose, our Jo-Bu, Mr. Frito Paws...our Boy. Still missed and cherished, every day.