2008 - 2021

Summarizing 13 years with Ember is a difficult task. She was more than a friend, confidant, and companion - she was a force to be reckoned with and she let everyone know that. She was a fierce, but gentle. She loved to play fetch and refused to let you win, but also never wanted to leave our sides (unless it was time to be groomed). She would greet you like a long lost friend, even if you stepped out of the house for a minute.

She was also intelligent, and taught us many lessons over the years. Reflecting on her life, the lessons she taught me will be something I will always cherish:
1. Never settle - you deserve the best in life (especially when it comes to food)
2. There’s always time for play
3. It’s ok to be the loudest person in the room - your closest allies will stick with you unconditionally
4. Eyebrow care is key - it can make or break your look
5. Actions do speak louder than words - love transcends any language
6. Always protect your pack

We know God has his hands full now - be a good girl up there! We miss you, Ember.