1994 - 2009

To Cotton Buns: Tonight I had to make the decision that no pet owner wants to make. I was dreading the trip we were going to take tomorrow. I stayed up with you as late as I could, but then had to sleep. I dreamed of you; you were sitting in my arms, sprawled out and comfy like you always used to do, but you had to go. It was a sad feeling and I didn't want to let you down, but it felt right to do so. I put you down and watched you hop away...and then awoke when my husband shook my shoulder not an hour and 45 minutes later... You fell asleep when I did didn't you? Only yours was a much deeper slumber... You knew I did not want to make that trip tomorrow; I can only thank you for taking that decision away from my heart. Play hard at the bridge my sweet - nothing ails you anymore. I've loved you since I was 12 years old, and will always love and remember you...until we meet again...
Jan 1 1994 - July 23 2009