Buddy Jack

1997 - 2009

Buddy Jack - 1997 to 2009.

Loving friend, tender heart, mild mannered.

Buddy will be missed by his human family and his animal brothers and sisters.

He was the dog I never wanted, but can't live without!

He came to us in August 1999 and another dog would never have been welcome to stay.

He shouldered the burden of being "a dog" for the first several months of being in my home and eventually won my heart with his warm eyes and tender nuzzles of his head against my side.

He showed Kennedy extreme love by never bothering her and waited for her to come to him. He allowed Loralei to use him as a stepping stool until she was tall enough to reach the sofa and counters on her own. He lay with Sean when he was tired after a long day and he wagged his tail every time I yelled at him for eating just my things or jumping on my bed without permission.

He was the silliest dog I ever met. His grunts and groans of objection when I scolded him made me relent almost everytime. His silly jumping and dancing when you turned on the tap made people think we never gave him water I'm sure. His sheer panic at the slightest hint of thunder or fireworks sent our house into an angry war zone of fighting each other over who had to let him in their room to comfort him. Eventually the bathtub became his shelfter. Or Sean's head in our bed!

He was a kid at heart. The one who at every chance he got wanted to play, even with the stiffness of age he developed over the winter. He was THE dog after every haricut, like he was saying "hey, look at me! How you doin'?" He was Buddy Boy.

He liked to stroll the neighborhood if he got the chance to "break out". Go on a little tour and check things out. He was sneaky like that. You'd catch him looking back as he got closer to the end of the driveway. Never making a clean run until he knew you wouldn't notice and even then, it was a happy stroll. He never ran away, just a little tour, then back home.

He was on one of those tours yesterday at noon. It was bad luck and us being too busy that brought us to today. Someone hit him at the end of our street and drove off. No phone call, not even a note. Just a kind neighbor who brought him home to us, coaixing him to our step.

We're sorry for not noticing you were gone Buddy.

You never really know how bad an accident feels until you feel responsible for it. We blame ourselves and know that no other animal of ours will suffer the same fate. It's been a hard lesson learned and we're sorry that it was at the cost of your life.

We love you Buddy!! You were the BEST damn dog EVER!!