2004 - 2011

Today, my very best friend, I took you for cremation; I miss you so very much already! You were my child to which I rescued at the age of 3 weeks old which I guess would explain the bond we shared. You were always there to say hello in the morning and good night at bedtime before you snuggled in. You were an amusing little fellow weighing all of 10 lbs.if lucky. You drank water from your paw, you scooped out your food to the floor to play with before eating and you liked to aggravate your big sister. You were always there for me no matter rain and shine and simply loved me. I was thankful to be there for you, my friend, to hold you while you passed away a tragic death.
Thanks for being such a very huge part of my life Boo Bear....I will miss you today, tomorrow and always....
Love Mummy