Audi “Audicious”

2009 - 2024

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Derek,
And a cat who was quite the little heck.
They didn't like each other, not even a bit,
But fate had a plan, and they were about to commit.

At first, they hissed and scratched, always in a fight,
But deep down, something was about to ignite.
Through playful moments and unexpected laughter,
Their bond grew stronger, forever after.

Days turned into months, and months into years,
Their friendship blossomed, wiping away all tears.
But alas, one day, the cat's time had come,
Leaving the boy feeling empty and numb.

The boy missed the cat with all his heart,
Their memories together, he couldn't bear to part.
He cherished the moments they shared and the love they had,
Even though the cat was no longer there, it made him glad.

So let's remember the cat, the joy they brought,
A friendship so special, it can never be bought.
In the boy's heart, the cat will forever reside,
A bond that death can never divide.

Audi, I miss and love you more than I can describe. You came to me at a time in my life when I diddnt know that I needed you, but I did. You've been a good cat and an even better companion. I'll miss you talking in the morning, snuggles on the couch and even tripping over you when walking around.

I love you my boy,