Online Memorials


2005 - 2017

Diesel was such a loyal and loving pup. We were given him at 10 weeks old.
He has been through alot but he was always happy and had a great life with our family.
When he was 2 he had seizures but I refused to keep him on medication that took his spirit away. After that period he never had another one. Then we dealt with an autoimmune condition and managed that for years until it flared up. He in the past month or two developed a condition where he couldn't even hold down water and his hip displazia worsened and he became weaker. His sickness took hold last year Diesel went paralyzed intermittently from Vestibular disease, and his autoimmune condition worsened. We decided we didn't want him to ever suffer and it was coming to that point any day; he wouldn't leave our bedside and was sleeping and not eating. Diesel leaving to go to the Rainbow Bridge was the hardest day for us and we miss him terribly. I always told him he was the bestest boy ever in the whole world. Our fur baby runs free without illness and suffering. We will always remember those moments we had with our boy over 12 years.