Weezer Windecker

2009 - 2020

It is with the deepest sadness that I have ever felt, that I am letting you all know that Weezer is no longer with us.

Weezer was in end stage liver failure from cancer that we just learned that he had. In true Weezer fashion, as we pulled into the vet to put him down, he passed away with me petting him and telling him it was okay to go. I am in shock, and the feeling of grief and emptiness can't describe. On Saturday he was at a cottage swimming, paddle boarding and being himself. In a way I am happy he didn't suffer but, I can't help but feel cheated of the time I thought I had left with him.

Weezer's energy and character were like no other and the sheer amount of joy he brought to everyone's life was nothing short of incredible. He spread so much joy in the time that he was here that I think he ran out.

I am happy that we brought him home from the hospital, were able to spend a night with him and tell him how he was the goodest boy and how much we've loved being his dog parents.

Thank you to @animalcarepartners for stabilizing him, allowing us to take him home and for the pictures and videos of him during his stay. But most importantly thank you to Dr. Jocelyn Kean and all the staff @auroraanimalclinic for treating Weezer and us like your family during his challenges and this difficult time.

Thank you to everyone who played with, dog sat, walked, petted, kissed, cuddled and loved Weezer, even if it was a like on my #wcw or #weezercrushwednesday posts. I'm sure he said his thanks by jumping on you or kissing you messily.

Weezer's unconditional love has impacted me so much. I am already feeling lost and empty and I've never thought about how to cope in life without Weezer. I love and miss you so so much Weez.

May wherever you transition have endless amounts of cheese, carrots, paddle boards, forests, bones, ropes, and squirrels.