2013 - 2022

Tattoo wasn't just a dog he was my best friend. The only one I would be with 24/7. He was my emotional support animal and knew what to do when I was sick, stressed anything. When I was in an accident and broke a lot of bones he would help me. He would stand to help me up, he would ground me. he was the protector of the house hold. He liked a total of 6 people. no one would get close to his family ever. He was a big (150lb) white double meral great dane with blue eyes. I miss dearly and not sure how to get on with my life without him. he was the reason I would wake up in the morning and I would wait for him to sleep to go to bed. My home is to quite now. My inky Chinese crested(40lbs) is lost also. She's 11 and doesn't know what to do without her protector. My heart breaks as she searches the yard and the whole house for best friend. Fly free my big man i'll see you on the bridge soon xoxo