2010 - 2021

This dog.
Dogs don’t get funerals. But they really should.
Over the years, this dog has been my best friend, my couch buddy, my deck pal, my nap companion, and My wife’s support and comfort when I couldn’t be home.

This dog has pissed us off.
This dog has made us happy.
This dog has made us laugh.
And now, this dog has made us sad.

The first day we brought him home, I made a “no dogs on the bed” rule. It lasted one day.

He’s protected us from squirrels, birds, airplanes, cars, delivery people, and many many other things over the years, never once actually capturing any of them.

He was scared of thunderstorms, and absolutely hated baths - yet, he would happily just sit outside in the rain instead of coming in.

He didn’t always come home when you called him, unless of course you had food, or said we were going in the car to go somewhere.

Once, while picking Denise up from work, I brought Shadow. We stopped at Wendy’s to get something to eat on the way home. The fries were sitting in the cup holder between us as we stopped to get gas - I was filling up the van, while Denise went in to pay. Upon leaving, we noticed the fries were gone and blamed each other for eating them all. It was Shadow. He ate every single one.

One amusing thing about Shadow was that, every day, before I left for work, he would have to come to the front door to watch me leave. He would also put out his paw for a shake before I left. I’m going to miss that.

He also loved going to the Vet. Honest!
I don’t know if it was the ride in the car, or the way all the women there fussed over him… I’d imagine it was a little of both.

At times, when I’d fallen asleep on the couch, he’d wake me up by licking my hand. Other times he’d just go stare at Denise and give a little grunt until she woke up. The result was always the same - he had to pee.

He had a boyfriend, Ozzy, the dog that lives behind us. Many times, Ozzy would howl for Shadow, then he’d jump up and look at us, tail wagging, eyes wide open, and we’d of course let him out to play. They’d run along the fence back and forth, before licking each other’s faces through a hole in it. Many times, they’d lay along the fence with their backs to each other, attempting to cuddle.

He didn’t always appear to be the brightest dog, but he was definitely one of the most charismatic ones I’ve ever met. Always happy to see us - or, anyone for that matter. Willing to clean your face with his tongue if you let him, and of course, the crotch sniff. Obligatory in our house by him, apparently.

He’s murdered toys before, and not just his… He’s also murdered two of my favourite ball caps, Denise’s slippers, PJs, hair-brushes, my Bluetooth headset, a video game, a doorstop, plastic coat hangers, telephones, and many more items. Here’s a tip for all of you should you get a dog. Get them a squeak toy. Immediately. We avoided it due to the noise, until someone else bought him one as a Christmas gift… he stopped eating our belongings ever since.

Shadow had a personality all his own. He’d get low on the ground when meeting children or small dogs. Claim the bed for himself, and even “grunt” when you told him to move. …and don’t you dare take Monkey, Cow, or Goldie from him, those are his favourite toys.

But this dog. This damn, adorably, goofy dog whom I legit love with all my heart, and would always brighten up my day when I got home, is now gone. I’ve had pets before, and while I miss them as well, Shadow had something extra special that I think is going to take me a long long while to get over.

This one just hurts far more.

Dogs don’t live long enough.

I love you Shad.
Good boy.