2004 - 2020

My Dearest Romeo (May 3, 2004 - Sep 26, 2020),

You loved eating since you were a puppy. You lived for food. You did whatever it took for food.
You loved taking naps. You loved being cuddled. You loved giving stinky kisses.
You loved expressing your feelings. The way you expressed your feeling was unique. The way you whined for food was super cute. You loved singing and humming.
You loved taking hot baths. You always made a mad dash to the bathtub and would try to jump into the bath at the sound of running water. You would just close your eyes and start to fall asleep.
You loved being groomed. You would start to snooze when your nails were clipped or your hair was trimmed.
You were so smart. You really did understand what I, and others, were saying.
You were were super handsome. You had a very long snout, a long body, and long legs compared to other miniature dachshunds. You were extra special.
You looked the same from the day we welcomed you into our family. You didn't really age.
Everything about you is so adorable. You're too cute. You have and will always mean more to us than can be imagined.
You've brought so much joy and wonderful memories to last a lifetime. We thought these happy moments would last forever.
We thought you would be with us forever, and now you are gone.

There are so many things we'd like to say and tell you.
We love you infinitely. Everything about you was so endearing. Your walk and the way you shook your bum, every single thing.
The way you looked at us with your big round puppy eyes. It was hard to say no to you. You were so pure and innocent.
The way you slept was like a human. You slept on a pillow. You talked in your sleep. You were always so excited to see us when we came home. You loved to show us your happy dance to welcome us home.
You were a handsome little dog. Our little nugget. You were always our best friend and will forever be.

Thank you so much for joining our family and being such an important part of our lives.
You were too perfect. We are eternally grateful and made us immensely proud to be your pawrents.
I also hope you felt you had a p-awe-inspiring 16 and a half years with us.
We loved spoiling you because in turn, you also spoiled us.
We love you dearly. We truly miss having you around each and every single day. There isn't a day that goes by without thinking about you.
We hope one day, somehow or other, we meet again.
You are unbelievably loveable, and we miss you so much, Romeo.