2006 - 2021

Our Precious Little Pipic was a Bichon Frise who had champion parents of his own . He was the runt, but to us he was our number one champion who gave us so much joy and happiness. Pipic was very sweet and gently who had a mind of his own in his younger years. He was family and sat at the table with everyone for Jewish Holidays. He rang a bell to go outside and we loved when he ran down our hallway and up the steps , known as the Bichon Buzz. He cuddled with us when we were sad or under the weather and slept in our bed for years. My husband always said that sometimes it looked like Pipic had a Passport face ! He would look serious. It broke our hearts to put him down but at 15 years and 9 months, he had a lot of medical issues. We were told he would not live into the Spring and we decided not to let him suffer. Pipic will forever be in our hearts. He was the best doggie in the world . You will forever be with us baby. Love Mommy and Daddy , Jeff and Melissa