2017 - 2020

Our dear Orson.
You were our first dog.
From the time we held you at 16 weeks, to a life cut short at 3 1/2 years, we have loved every moment God granted us with you.

Every day you were with us you brought a light, a happiness, love, laughter, moments and memories, and support as much as you could - we are so thankful you entered our lives. You did the same with all those people whose lives you touched. We always thought you were an amazing being.

It devastated us to see you sick with something we could not help you fight, but we slept near you every night, and held you with us as long as we could. We thanked God for the extended time we asked for to be with you, and up until the end you remained beautiful, proud, strong, loyal, and brave.

As we spent your last moments with you, and watched you take your last breath, we knew we did the right thing by helping you pass comfortably, quietly, with dignity and respect; most importantly, with your loved ones near.

We hope wherever you are now, you are free from pain and suffering, and are with your kind and family, running endlessly through fields and streams - like a mild summer in Jackson Hole...thinking of your parents here when you get a moment to rest.

We love you. We will see you again.