2021 - 2022

This girl came into my life March of 2021. Due her being a dalmatian it was hard to say yes thats the one I want and be guaranteed due to them getting new spots....from the moment I laid my eyes on her I knew I wanted her...the day before I found out she was for sure mine and I cried such happy tears. She was through and through my puppy dog. Anywhere I went she was right beside me. Unfortunately a week and half ago she decided to take off and was hit by a car. That is a morning I will never forget! It's the morning I had to make the choice to let her go and the day I lost my bestfriend. I am still a wreck from losing her and awaiting for her to be home soon.
We have her aunt who is 5 and she is more my partners dog but she has been helping me cope and being by side from time to time.
They say it gets easier with time but it's not that time for myself yet but one day it will be.