2007 - 2021

Brooklyn James was the sweetest boy. He was the best friend, confidant, side kick and dog son to Samantha. He loved travelling in the car with the heated seat on, snuggled in his bed (front seat only!). He enjoyed long naps in the sun; working on his tan whenever possible. Bringing you his favourite toy of the day any time he greeted you; especially when new people he loved would show up. Dog dad to "taxi cab" and "angry B"; he went no where without them, and did not share with anyone. Avocado toast was spared to any guests that wanted a toy to play with. Best dog friend to Melvin the Corgi; they spent numerous hours ignoring each other. Dog brother for a short time to Gary; they were inseparable. In his prime days, "Mr. B" as he was known loved playing tennis ball, once won an award for being the fastest agility dog and got lost in a Boston Terrier meetup crowd! He was the belle of the ball; you knew when he liked you and boy did you know when he didn't. He mastered the art of FaceTime early on when Mom went to Italy and Grandma and Grandpa had to babysit. He lived to almost his 14th birthday; but sadly his little body couldn't be here any longer and on June 15th, 2021 after many tears and good byes Mr. B crossed the rainbow bridge leaving a big hole in the lives of those around him. The light he brought to the room where ever he was is a little dimmer now and could never be replaced however he is watching and waiting from the other side. Until we meet again.