2010 - 2021

June 3rd 2021, our sweet and beautiful boy crossed the rainbow bridge. When we reflect on the last few months we can now clearly see the toll his failing health took on him. His once clear, beautiful brown eyes clouded over and lost. He was ready and although I know we never would have been, I’m proud of us for making the right decision, not for us but for him. Bailey left this world bringing as much joy as he did when he entered it and my life will forever be better because he was in it.

Although I long for the sound of his paws on the carpet, the sensation of his cool wet nose grazing my shins or his sweet little face burying into my side, he will forever rest inside that now hallow part of my heart reminding me how precious our time is. Bailey lived to brighten our lives, to champion us on the best of days and comfort us on the worst and I realize that wallowing in his absence is so far from everything he worked hard to prevent. I feel so grateful for 10.5yrs wonderful years, and I am accepting of the unfortunate reality of losing him. I am comforted in knowing the depth of sadness I feel in his passing, is far outweighed by the joy I felt in our years together, and the many more ahead that I can reflect.

I’m am uplifted knowing on the other side he has back those lightening reflexes and laser vision. He’s tearing up the blinds as he reprises his role on neighborhood watch, delivering a bark far bigger than any bite he could serve. I’m sure it’s steak, green beans and potatoes for all meals, plain timbits for desert and when he rests his head for a good nights sleep it’s on the body of the biggest, comfiest duck stuffy imaginable. I know he’s back, the best, funniest, smartest, kindest and most loving little guy that ever was or will be, our first baby, our boy ❤️

“No one can fully understand the meaning of love unless he has owned a dog”- Gene Hill