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i want to say thank you to Gateway for the beautiful urn for my loving best friend patties and for the card that u send to me went i had her return. Please know that i will miss her and u all help with that in time maybe i can love another as much as i love her

DeClavasio Family

Thank you for your kindness and compassion the awful day we had to say good-bye to our Ollie, family dog and center of attention in our household for almost 15 years. We just received the beautiful urn today along with the paw prints so nicely presented. It is a comfort to have him home again. Thank you for helping us say goodbye in an environment of such kindness and caring. xo Lily, Rachel & Olivia

Darlene Savoy

Thank you Gateway for taking care of my beloved family, Alexandra(cat) of 19 years and Jake (golden retriever) of 14 years. Although I miss them both terribly I am happy that I have their ashes so that they can be buried with me when my time comes.

Cathy Rodlin

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did with my cat Thumper. Words cannot express my gratitude for taking care of my sweet baby after I no longer could. I miss him every day but having him close to me helps in the healing process.

Ferreira Family

We had our beloved 15 years old Billy viewing and cremation at Gateway on May 24th, 2016. We missed him tremendously, but the fact we had a chance to see him for the last time, and take his ashes home afterwards has been very helpful during this time of sorrow. The staff at Gateway were very caring, compassionate and accommodated all of our wishes. Before the cremation Billy was carefully placed in his Igloo bed, with one of his toys, a treat and a letter printed together with our family photos as we had requested. Our little angel looked peaceful, as we had seen him many times before when he was sleeping in his bed. Billy we love and we miss you tremendously. You are no longer physically with us, but we take consolation reminiscing the happy moments we had together in the last 15 years.

~ see memorial in The Bridge

Freddie/Joyce Pitz

We received the remains of our 13 year old Sheltie..Shelby..in a beautiful oak box with a glass to put his picture in. Thank you very much for providing your services at this sad time..Freddie/Joyce Pitz.


May 20th 2016. Burried my beautiful 13 year old GS Tyson. Want to thank Tina, for such respectful and caring experience. Im glad we've picked this cemetery, its very well taken care of. Now my boy will rest in peace. We love you Tyson, you will never be forgotten <3 <3 <3

Shelby Burns

It was so hard when I lost Ferdy. I was devastated. I could not stop crying. Gateway helped me to forever memorialize him. Thank you for your help during this extremely difficult time.


I want to thank the staff at Gateway (Guelph location). My baby boy passed this weekend and they were very quick to respond to my messages and were very accommodating. Thank you for making such a difficult time a little easier. Jackie

~ see memorial in The Bridge

Antonet Sorgini

I simply want to say thank you to Gateway for taking care of my best friend George. I received George's urn today and I'm very happy with it, it is just beautiful. Thank you so much for the card, I am truthfully grateful.

Carol Edgar

This was the second time that we used Gateway. The first time was in 2011, when we lost our special 11 yr. old golden retriever, and Sassy came back in a beautiful Ceramic Urn with her picture on the front of it. Yesterday I picked up my beloved 14 yr. old beagle. Dolly came back in a beautiful Lasting Memories Urn Box. When I looked at her paw print, I smile because I could see her print that I had seen so many times before. It had a spot for her picture, and her ashes were inside, and I was able to put her bone that I gave her for her birthday a month before hand, and that she had hid in the house, ( she liked doing that), and her leash, and dog tag,and a poem that I had found. Even though it hurts loosing them, its a way to keep them with us, and I am so thankful for Gateway. My husband and my plan is that when he dies, Sassy Urn with go with him, and Dolly's Urn is coming with me, so this way they will be bury with us as a family. So thank you so much to Gateway, for allowing us to do this.

~ see memorial in The Bridge

The Graham Family

I picked up the ashes of our dog Sadie yesterday. I had to cry when I saw the wooden urn, it was beautiful and I didn't know that her name would be etched on it. We knew her the time with us was limited so I had time to think of how I wanted to make keepsakes for our children. The time taken to give us hair clippings and separate bags of ashes for each of us is really appreciated. Also the presentation of the Gateway box as a whole with the certificate couldn't have been better. Thank you! You have given us a lifetime gift.

Monique Doherty

I lost my beautiful Shaggy March 15, 2016. He was my wonderful companion and friend for 11 1/2 years. I miss him terribly and loved him so much. I picked up his ashes today and was pleased and grateful to see the beautiful cedar urn with his name engraved on top. I especially liked the certificate indicating the date he was cremated. Thank you Gateway, you have eased my sorrow now that I have my Shaggy with me once again.

The Hutton Family

It was with broken hearts we made the decision to let our beloved black lab, Denali, be put to rest after her fight with stomach cancer. Our family dogs each have a resting place on the family property. Due to Nali's size, that was not an option. But we could not simply 'let her go'. Our vet suggested Gateway and it seemed the perfect solution. Denali's ashes came back to us yesterday and I was deeply touched by the beautiful items and the care with which her remains were preserved. I am so glad we chose Gateway.

Natalie Deschamps

Thank you Gateway for taking such great care of our cat Destiny. She was with us for 13 amazing years. We were so impressed upon receiving her urn at Williamstown Vet Services. So perfectly packaged, personalized and the card meant so much. Loosing her was very hard for our family. especially our daughter that has been with her almost all her life. Getting her back in such a dignified manner has helped us in the grieving process. We miss her so much but having her close at home again will make it easier. Best Wishes to your staff.


I absolutely LOVE her urn and the engraving. Even though she was just a cat, she was so much more. I love and miss her everyday. She was my best friend for the last 16 years and I'm so happy I decided to get her cremated. Dusty Elizabeth Turner 1999-2016. You will never be forgotten baby girl <3


Teddy, Lucy and Allie- you taught us to enjoy the little things, rolling in the grass and in the snow, splashing in puddles and snuggling on the couch. You make me strive to be the person you saw in me. You made our life complete and we will always hold you in our hearts. Thank you for teaching us what is important in life and what "unconditional love" really means. To quote Rumi "Goodbyes are for those who love with their eyes, for those who love with their hearts and souls there is no separation" forever in our hearts. Love mummy and daddy

S Zimmer

Buddy passed away on Jan, 5, 2016. We first held him at 4 weeks of age, and last held him in his 16th year. He was a huge part of our lives and we cherish him and his memory. Thank you for the respectful service, products and way you package and your certification card, etc. These are such nice touches and I was impressed that the cost was very reasonable. We have a very lovely oak box urn (high quality) which we left unsealed and large enough so that when the time comes for our other dog to pass, they can be together. I also was so impressed with the quality of the dragon fly pendant. It means so much to us to have Buddy memorialized in such a respectful manner. Thank you. Would love to come visit some time.

Monica Z.

My Beautiful Great Dane Lab Winston passed away Nov 5/2015. It was the worst decision I have ever had to make. Winston is at peace now and is no longer in pain. Thank you Gateway for providing me with the Urn with his name on it the paw print and the certificate. It was nice to know he was respected as his family loved him so dearly.

Dana and Rob

Thank you for your professionalism, compassion, gentleness and support at the passing of our precious little pomeranian, Sophie. It is so comforting that we in southern and, southwestern Ontario, have this wonderful service to help us at such a sad time, at the loss of a dear family pet. The heart necklace and cedar urn engraved with her name, brings such comfort now, as our Sophie is now back home with us, never to be without us. God Bless you all for what you are able to do, in assisting us, when our dear family member passes onto the Rainbow Bridge...

Our dear sweet little girl Jessie Bea. It will be one year since we have had you with us.. We miss you our little friend, you made this world a beautiful place. Sending you all the love .. missing you every minute . Sleep well my dear.


Thank you Gateway for taking such loving care of my girl Heidi (Black Chow Chow). My daughter picked up her ashes today and her beautiful pink paw prints. I take great comfort now that she is home where she belongs. It somehow fills some of the empty hole in my heart. Her ashes were in a beautiful blue satin bag and tied with a gold tie as were the two paw prints all beautifully packaged in a blue box. Thanks again Gateway and RIP my Sweet Loving Girl...always in my heart. Aug.10, 2002 - Jan.14, 2016 You gave me Thirteen and a half of the most wonderful years of my life! Till we meet again Sweetheart, love Mom

Michelle Broughton

My husband and I just wanted to say thank you to Gateway. We recently lost our guy Tanner to cancer and he was cremated and returned to us in such a beautiful fashion, it was such a professional service that even in our time of grief we have to recognize that you really go out of your way for us. A heart felt thank you to all of you.

Elaine Roberts

We loss our Precious boy Kobe on Jan 14th, 2016. We are heartbroken. We miss him so much, we miss seeing his beautiful face every morning when we wake up. Kobe brought so much joy, love and happiness into our lives for the nearly 12 years that we had him. We are lost without him and find it extremely difficult to be at home because he's not there anymore. Our home is empty and it will never be the same without our dear Kobe. The only thing I find comfort is knowing that he's not suffering anymore. We had Kobe cremated and received his ashes back in a beautiful urn along with his precious paw print. He is sitting on my fireplace in his favorite living room where he looked out the front window for hours each day waiting for us to come home. When I pull in my driveway, sometimes I feel like I still see his face. R.I.P my baby boy Kobe. Mommy and Daddy misses you so so much. Until we meet again my angel!xoxoxoxo

~ see memorial in The Bridge

Nichole and Derek

We lost our beloved Peanut December 17th 2015 and the pain we both feel is something I never imagined. She was the light of our lives and because we didn't have kids she was our "fur baby." May people don't understand that the loss of a pet is as painful as losing a loved person in our lives, that is why Gateway is so wonderful. We received her remains in a beautiful wood box with her name lovingly carved on the top we both cried. Part of it was the pain of grief and the other part a relief that we would have her near us always. Thanks gateway for making the most painful days of our lives a little less painful, sincerely N & D.

L. Tauschel

We lost our beloved CeeCee on December 18, 2015. Our vet clinic used Gateway, and we chose to have our beloved girl cremated. We just brought her home again where she she will remain with us always. We were so pleased to see her pawprint- an unexpected surprise. Thank you for your caring.

Lise hogan

Hi my two babies burr and dahlia I miss both of you terribly you shine the light in my heart burr dahlia you brought so much joy to my life and forever I have a heartache and a void in my life my love is always with burr and dahlia one day we will be back together in the mean time stay together and love each other mom loves both of you unconditionally love and hugs your mom thank you gateway once again for taking good care of my babies hurr and dahlia

Lise hogan

Thanky you gateway for taking good care of hurr and dahalia which I lost dec 20th 2015 I am a mess right now don t want christmas to com cause burr and dahalia wont be here. Live to my beautiful biy burr and my princess dahlua you will always be be loved and remain in my heart forever merry christmas my precioys babies mommy loves you

Lise hogan

My burr passed away in 2011 burr loved coffee he was my best friend and I called him ky little man he is lived and missedvsoooooo much on dec 20 2015 my baby dahlia croseed the rainbow bridge dahlia was much loved also dahlias was full of cancer I had to tramatic deaths by my two darling loving babies dahlia and burr will always be loved and remain in heart forever love to dahlia and burr merry christmas love mommy


I work for a veterinary clinic that works with Gateway to look after our patients. I not only trust them wholeheartedly with my own animals, but anytime a client asks me 'do you trust them?' I respond honestly and confidently with a 100% yes. Excellent company with awesome employees and beautiful products to memorialize any pet perfectly in their own way.

Lynda Johnson

Today we received our beloved German Shorthaired Pointer, Bogart's ashes. I am still beyond words at the beautiful urn which had his name on it. It was way beyond my expectations. Thank you for taking care of our boy, Lynda



June Kirkwood

Thank you Gateway for returning my Abbeygail to me yesterday. She passed Oct. 27 2015. She was a loving 18 year old Bichon and my best friend and I miss her very much. ((( My heart will be forever broken. ))) RIP my Abbey girl.

cindy Romani

I would like to thank you in which the way the cremation of my beloved Lucy was presented to me the lovely blue box and the ceramic urn with her name on it and also the respect you gave to my sweet Lucy she was the joy of my life and I am still having a hard time with not having her with me she gave me great happiness and joy for 8 years I will love and miss her forever ! Cindy Romani

sue zaple

October 23, 2015 I would like to take this time to thank Gateway for the respect and care of our beautiful loving girl Daisy, She was a sweet Beagle always ready to give a visitor a hug when they came to our home, She will be missed by her submissive Diamond and Kitty , whom she was the pack leader, as well as her human family. I thank you also for such a beautiful Cedar box and her paw print as well as the beautiful sympathy card you sent me. Our girl was cremated in a privet cremation on October 21,2015. It is nice to know there are other caring people out there in our time of losing a good friend & companion. I know in my heart that Myself & family will meet Daisy again at the Rainbow Bridge one day, thanks for caring. Sue Zaple, and family, Diamond ( Shep.) and kitty. Hugs to you all

Sandra hennessey

Just wanted to say that we were so impressed by the way in which our cremation of our dog samson was presented to us. From the pretty blue box to the crate paper and the pine box with his name on it, a real class a act. You really made things easier on us. Thank you so much.

~ see memorial in The Bridge

Mike & Jean Taylor

Thank you Gateway for the respect given to the many who cherish their beloved pets. It is with sadness that we will remember September 15 as the date in the year 2014 that we had to say goodbye to our friend, Lindsay. She was the joy of our household & now there is an emptiness. Such a gentle, loving Lab, and we will hold dear the many memories. While not able to attend Gateway, for a final goodbye, it is a relief to know from family (Bob & Cathy Weeks) that respect is shown to all pets. They also experienced the loss of their beloved Boomer, and were pleased with the sensitivity and understanding shown by Gateway. After these comments, I felt a relief. There was a request asked of Gateway that a 'dog prayer' be said over Lindsay, and now I can feel this was done. Thank you Gateway for your dedication to all the pets.


Our boy was just sent to you to look after until we can bring him home with us again. He was an awesome Norwegian Elkhound dog and we loved him dearly. This is the 3rd of our furbabies we have sent to you. Keesha(dog 2012), Spike(cat 2014). We were very pleased with how they were sent back to us. We could tell you treat them with care. Thank you for what you do!

~ see memorial in The Bridge

James Brown

After 20 years with our Dear Rocky we had to say goodbye to our Maine Coon beauty. Gateway took loving care to our boy and we thank them for their compassion and kindness.


Thank you Gateway for the professional service you provided for my Golden Retriever "George". He was my buddy for 12 1/2 years and is loved and missed beyond words. He is back home now where he belongs. Until we meet again. Love Mom.

Samantha and Frank

Just wanted to give a thank you to gateway. We just picked up our beloved Oscar from our vet. My sweet baby was 18 (19 in November). His paw print made me cry, but was so amazing to see and touch. TmWe chose the blue urn and it's the cutest!! I'm so glad that he's home with us now! We miss him dearly!

Leanne Clark

I want to say thank you to ostrander vet hospital and gateway for taking such good care of my fur baby "Milo"and for understanding that his care with his cremation was of the greatest importance to me and my family.He was like one of my children and treated with the utmost respect.I love you all for that.I have my baby home again!!!


What do you do when you lose a family member? After the initial shock you give your loved one the very best care and consideration. Gateway took great care to provide us with a final goodbye with their "Viewing and Visitation" and private cremation services. Thank you Gateway. Gone too soon we will always miss our dearest Eggbert.

Myrna Sweet

My little dog passed away while we were visiting friends in London, ON. I wanted my furkid to be cremated, and the Vet office there arranged with Gateway to do so. Gateway was very kind to send the remains to my local vet office in Belleville, so I didn't have drive back to London to get them. The wooden box was beautiful, and they included a clay imprint ornament of Fuji's paw. So very thoughtful. Thank you for offering such a great service!


Thank you so much for taking care of our beloved cat Arthur's cremation. We just received him yesterday. Your condolence card was much appreciated as well as how quickly we had him returned to us.


I chose to do the viewing and visitation because I did not feel okay with my last goodbye to my dog. I would strongly suggest this service to those that need closure and peace. If you are having a difficult time with your loss this may be a good service option for you. Also, not only do you get to say your final goodbye to your pet but your pet gets special treatment and extra care. My dog looked so peaceful. He was groomed and brushed. His coat looked great. He was on a bed and even had a warm blanket. The staff was very friendly and respectful. Even at the final process, extra care was taken. Dan lifted my dog gently and respectfully. Stacy was also excellent through the entire process. I'm glad I was able to be with my dog for every step and his body be treated with respect and dignity. Although I still grieve for the loss of my boy, I feel more at peace than I did before. I'm happy I upheld my loyalty to him right to the very end. This service is worth it for peace of mind. Very grateful to the people who provided this service for me. I would highly recommend it. The greatest value of this service is the extra attention your pet will get. It's pretty priceless if you ask me. It helped give me peace in a time when peace did not seem possible. Thank you


March 19, 2015, the heart-wrenching decision was made and my beloved pet, Shadow, would be taken from me. Dark moments ensued and I had to contemplate "What do I do now?" Shadow was gone, I couldn't just let her go like that...I would never see her again . A daily presence in my life for almost 20 years...life would not be the same. How could I honour her role in my life? Finally, after looking through the services provided by Gateway I had made a decision. The day I received the call to pick up Shadow's remains was with trepidation but ultimately a very special day. I acknowledge with pride how pleased I am with the manner in which my choice was presented. The remains were delivered in a Wedgewood blue box and the contents in an exquisite Japanese urn which aptly suited Shadow's remains. Shadow always sat on an Oriental tea box looking out the window at the nearby tree and garden with birds and squirrels galore. She sat amongst my orchids and the beautiful urn with her name etched on top is a wonderful expression of her value and importance in my life and that of my extended family as well. The paw is a significant memento as well. Everything was purrfect! Thank you Gateway for delivering the promise of beauty and dignity. I am grateful that you provide such a valuable service.

Danielle & Lee

We said goodbye to our beloved Belle today. I want to extend a sincere thank you to the group of lovely individuals at Gateway that made this experience wonderful. They went above and beyond to ensure that our precious Belle was treated with the greatest of care and we truly appreciate all that you do. Pets are a gift and when they leave us, it is a truly difficult time. Your team ensured we were able to say our final farewell and give us that closure we needed. Thank you and again, we appreciate all that you do.

Cathy & Bob Weeks

We are so grateful to have a company like Gateway for all the people that want their pets to be treated like a member of the family because they are just that. We had Martin guide us through everything from getting our dog, Boomer, out of our car and onto his waiting bed to the final visitation and private cremation. Thank you so much Martin for being so kind and caring, never rushing us, it meant a lot to us. You explained everything and it went exactly as you said it would. Using Gateway made this sad time just a little bit easier for us. It is nice to have our beloved Boomer back home. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


I would first like to extend my deepest gratitude to Karen at Gateway, for her selfless, sensitive and caring email responses to my questions, prior to even having had to put my beloved Maggie down. As I said in my final email to you Karen, you have indeed answered your calling and your friends and co-workers must feel honored to work with someone of your caliber. One week to the day that I said a final goodbye to my beautiful four-legged child, I received the call that her ashes and paw print were ready to be picked up. I can't begin to tell you how comforting it is to have her back with me, even such as it is, and the fine and classy way in which she was returned to me, will never be forgotten. Thank you for all you do, and for giving us 'parents' the opportunity to have more than just a mental memory of our devoted friends.

Rosemary & Jim Moore

We had are dog Squirt down last week as he was 15 and his back legs were giving out. He was Dalmatian and wolf hound. Thank you Gateway we just got him home in his urn and I feel like he is still with us. He is no longer suffering.


I would like to say thank you very much Gateway for sending me back my fur baby Maverick it was a shock to us to have to put him down because of cancer he was only 2 in a half years old he was cremated and sent back to us in a beautiful ceder box with his name engraved on top.


I picked up Cosmo's cremated remains from Morgan Animal Hospital today. Although my dear, sweet Himilayan boy has been gone for almost a week I still find I am waiting for him to come up the stairs when I open the fridge door or waiting to greet me with a head-butt when I come home from work. The loss is great but having Cosmo in his engraved cedar box on the fireplace hearth (his favorite lounging spot) helps ease the pain just a bit. Thank you, Gateway, for helping at this difficult time.

beth nesbitt

My husband & I had your cat lucky put in a box & sent home I just sanded to say thank you for how lovely a job you & your staff did on lucky & how the name was spelled on her box so right not many people can spell her name right it meant so much to me when she come back home so nicely so thank you again gateway for the wonderful job you did sincely beth nesbitt Cory walker & painter Nesbitt

Claire Richards

I lost my right arm last week.. My paw snuggle and push nose to my cheek ... Our beloved cat Rudy, so unique and the twinkle of our family nest left us .. As we cry through a heavy hearts pondering what next.. "Gateway".. We thank you for putting the paws forward in resting Rudy, in a beautiful cedar box for us to cherish, to say hello to every morning ... Thank you again.. From the Richards xx

The Holmes Family

Thank you Gateway for taking care of our little girl Jessie Bea. In receiving the Urn it was so clear the genuine caring touch that was given in handling our precious treasure. It is truly appreciated by our family .

The Reynolds Family

Our family would like to first thank Dr.Muise at the Peterborough Pet Animal Hospital for his sharing and caring. Secondly the staff which I and our daughter talked to at Gateway. We lost our Moses on January 31, 2015 after putting him to rest of his pain and suffering. Moses was in his 10th year. We got Moses on June 2, 2005 just a tiny 2 pounds 6 ounces, and left us weighing 15.6 pounds. Moses was a blonde shih poo male born Apri1 20, 2005. We want to mention once again our thank you to Gateway for returning Moses to us today February 11, 2015 in his cedar box with the most appreciated card with their condolences also. We are going to miss our Moses but he is home with us now. Thank you ..... from all of us.

Barb Bright

I really need to thank you all at Gateway for your tender care and immense respect you have shown my husband and I with all the babies we have had cremated at your facility. Our babies are always returned securely tucked in their boxes and the urns are beautiful. My husband and I just lost our beloved tiny Anyssa, and I have now put her in her final resting spot with all her other siblings that have passed on. We have 5 more babies we are guardians of, and they will all, when the time comes, be sent to you for the care, and respect and love they receive, for their personal cremations. I speak of Gateway fondly to all petparents who are unsure of where they should go for the final step when their beloveds pass. I will continue to speak very highly of you. Thank you so very much for walking with us through our painful time. It is appreciated more than you will ever know. Respectfully and with the warmest regards, Barb Bright.

Mortazavi Family

We would like to thank you, Gateway, for returning our beloved dog Nikkie to us. The presentation of her ashes, the cedar urn, her paw prints and her hair clipping was so beautifully and gracefully done. Your company did an amazing job for Nikkie in the final chapter of her journey. The certificate and the Rainbow Bridge poem is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for helping comfort us during this difficult time. With many tanks Mortazavi Family

Kara Brown

A week after our foster kitty's passing; we received his beautiful paw print, loving placed in a box. It was more than I could imagine; it was beautiful. Thank you for doing this. Tigger was in our home for a short time, but we did our best to comfort, love and bring joy to his life. He certainly did for us. We are grateful to know that his ashes will be placed at Sandy Ridge Pet Cemetery and come Spring, we look forward to visiting. Thank you for your compassion and care of our babes.

Troy Ledger

I just want to say that Gateway was very professional and very affordable I'm glad to had have my scamp taken care of by them...Thank you so much

Shelby Willings

You are so missed,our little beauty.You have left your paw print in our hearts forever. We love you Shelby.xoxo

Natalie Berro

I received my custom urn and paw print of my princess Daisy just before Christmas. It was absolutely perfect! The colouring was spot on. I loved her so much and made my life better and lost her way too soon. Thank you so much for treating her with such care and making my grieving a little easier.

Penny Cadeau

Shelby miss you so much baby girl a lot of tears this Christmas you now you are out of pain and running with your Brother Cody at Rainbow Bridge, and some day I will see you again, Love Mom

natalia Mitchell

Merry Christmas to our sweet Mitchie. We love and miss you so much. Next month will be a year that we had to say goodbye. Thinking of you today and always. We had 14 1/2 years with you and you brought so much joy to our lives. We have your ashes in a beautiful box displayed in your favorite room the familyroom. A beautiful picture of you is displayed with it. Love your mom and family,

MJ, Willow and Ross Macpherson remembering Buddy

We lost our brave Buddy after a short illness, our house is so empty, as are our hearts without our feline child. His ashes were returned today in the most professional and respectful manner I have ever seen... Gateway, thank you for treating our baby with the dignity he deserved on the final chapter of his physical journey, I know he will now be looking over all of us. Goodnight Booby x


Just had my cat Pusses of 17 years put down yesterday.. You gave me 17 years of joy and laughter, you were the best family cat ever, you will be sadly missed by everyone.. R.I.P my baby girl Pusses xo


After having my Red-eared slider turtle Harley for over 27 years he passed away two weeks ago..... I knew that I could trust Gateway and the staff there when it came time to his after-care arrangements. I only wanted a clay paw print as a memorial. They did a great job with his front foot impression capturing the details in his foot and his nails. I completely trust Gateway and the staff with my pets once they are no loger here to carry out my final wishes for my pets after-care. Thank you.

Cher, Ron & Marion (Grandma)

Brutus was the sparkle in our eyes, the everyday wonder of when and were to roam, the love that never seemed to fad and such a couch potato at the end of each day. Brutus was a flea market rescue, a handsome fella who changed our lives for 13 years. GATEWAY has handled our friend with dignity and returned him to his home. We have a left & right paw clay print forever and a million memories to remember. Please pass on our gratitude to all the people at GATEWAY who help make this place special. Brut, you will never be forgotten. Love Mom, Dad & Grandma.

~ see memorial in The Bridge

Tom and Brenda

We were so pleased with how beautifully you treated our girl Keesha(dog), who we lost in 2012, we have now sent our boy Spike(cat) to you and will be anxiously waiting for his return home. Thank you for what you do at Gateway...it helps us through these difficult times!

~ see memorial in The Bridge

Joan King

My little baby girl is finally home again. Suzy was a rescue that endured a terrible three years before she came to live with me through Kismutt Rescue. She was the ideal dog and many people would sing Mary had a little lamb when they would see us together because from the day she came into my life, she always walked beside me. I want to thank Dr. Hanselman and Internal Medicine Staff at Mississauga Oakville Animal Hospital for all love, care and support given to Suzy and I. She fought a long battle and she actually made the decision easier for me in the end. Thank you to Gateway for the beautiful urn and footprints, their professionalism made the process easier and now I have her home. RIP my little baby girl I love you around the world and back, now stay beside daddy until I see you again. xxoo

~ see memorial in The Bridge

Randy and Steve

Logan==it has been almost 8 months since we lost our beloved golden retriever==but it seems like it was just yesterday==there hasn't been a day that we haven't thought of you and wished we could bring you back over The Bridge--you were a shining light who loved unconditionally and we were so grateful to have had you as our loyal companion---but we will meet again---we have to---and be reunited forever--we miss you---and see you in heaven

Marion, Geoff and Jord

To our precious and beautiful boy, Boomer (Bernese Mountain). Our hearts are broken and our home is empty. You were an amazing, loving and gentle dog to us and all that met you. We were so blessed to have had you for the six years we did, you were beautiful inside and out. You will never be forgotten. Love you and miss you.


To my beautiful boy Buda (Sharpei), I am going to miss you very much. I was your everything and you were my everything. We were and still are so connected but today 21 October 2014 daddy had to put you to rest. You were tired and in pain even tho you did not show it. I will never forget the day we picked you up as a 11 week old pup and I'll will never forget you and all the good and bad times, I love you puppy. RIP my boy - 04/2002 - 10/2014


You were the sweetest, most gentle and most social cat I've ever met, and I'm so glad you had a full life of 18 years, and got to be a part of mine since I was a little kid. Absolutely everyone loved you, and you were a part of so many people's lives. The house is empty without you, and I swear I still think I see you lounging around in the backyard and sleeping in your bed inside the house. I hope you rest in paradise my beautiful blue-eyed best friend. We love you eternally xoxoxo

Sylvia Caird

Another year has past and we have lost some more of your friends Bailey. You should be able to play with Missy and Colby now so you have lots of company. Missing you so much my baby boy, wishing you were still here to cuddle with. Love you all.

sandy irwin

My best friend and family Boo Irwin would of celebrated his 13 birthday today. With your passing in Aug 2014 you are truly missed and always close. I gave a toast to you today and a small piece of cake for your birthday. You will always be in my heart and never far from my thoughts. Boo you are my best friend miss you Love

~ see memorial in The Bridge

Janna Kale

Thank you Gateway, for taking such amazing care of my beloved cat Sixpence. He was the brightest light in my life and his passing was not only a shock but has left a void that I don't know how to fill. I'm so grateful that such great care was taken of him after I was no longer able to care for him. His urn is beautiful, and I am so happy that he is finally back home. It has been immensely comforting to know that his remains have been so lovingly and graciously looked after.

The Liu Family

My beloved German Shepherd of 11 years passed away on August 24, 2014. I remember coming home from school and seeing these floppy ears bouncing around in the backyard. I ran outside and there she was. This adorable little girl who I picked up and promised to always take care of. She grew so big over the years I could no longer pick her up anymore. I received her ashes today in this beautiful urn. I could finally pick her up again. Thank you Gateway and Oakville Emergency Vet Hospital for taking away her pain and bringing her home to her family.

Mills Family

Thank you Gateway and Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital. We received back Rollie's ashes today in one of your beautiful cedar boxes. September 3rd, 2014. She was an amazing dog for 8 years, on August 25th she left us. We raised her from a pup and she is missed greatly from our home and lives. We will cherish the memories and never forget her.

Drumm Family

Bear, we had over 7 years with you and I wish I had 7 more. The house is not the same with out you. Its hollow. We miss everything ahout you. From you barking at the garbage man, playing with your zhu zhus, to you farting up a storm. Corey, Maia and I miss you so much. Love you big guy.

The Ople~Wernham Family

Our sweet, little pug Lewis passed away on August 14.14. We, as a family had the pleasure of having him as a part of our life for 13 years. He brought each one of us so much joy, laughter and wonderful memories. He was my little shadow and we were inseparable. Thank you Gateway Memorial for your utmost care and compassion. Lewis will forever be missed and loved. 07.11.01~08.14.14

The Iamundi Family

One month ago today, July 22, 2014, we received our sweet beloved dog Sophie's ashes in her beautiful cedar box. It is perfect! Once again, a special thank you to all for returning Sophie home to us so quick. Sophie is now back home to us where she belongs. See memorial in The Bridge

Heather & Tony Kelly

Gateway brought Tory home to us on Aug 18th. They did such a wonderful and professional job in preserving the dignity and memory of our beloved friend and companion. We will always cherish our memories, and now we have her memorialized in a 'paw print' and beautiful Urn. Thank-you for making this difficult time a little easier.

~ see memorial in The Bridge



jennifer carpenter

On March 23, 2014 we received the ashes back of our beloved dog Rocco in such a beautiful urn and with a paw print. This gave me closure and gave me comfort to know he is back home. We also just recently Aug 12, 2014 lost our other beloved baby girl dog Jada. I chose the same urn and paw print but pink. I miss both my babies and our family is not the same with out them. your always in my heart and memories xoxo thank you Gateway for bringing closure and peace to our family for your services. love you Rocco and Jada. may you run free in the Heavens xoxox R.i.p

Caroline Holgate

We received our beautiful baby Skid back yesterday. Thank you Gateway Pet Memorial for such a beautiful urn. Our baby girl is back home where she belongs xo

~ see memorial in The Bridge

Kelly Robbins

Our beloved poodle Baby died July 12, 2014. To us, she wasn't just a pet, she was a member of our family. I received her ashes back on July 22, 2014. Thank you Gateway for the lovely urn and the paw print. We feel comfort in knowing our dog is here with us. We love and miss you Baby. You'll forever be in our hearts...Love, Mama and Mike xoxoxo

Wanda Monks

We sprinkled our Samantha's ashes yesterday under the cedar hedge where she would dig down to the cooler earth and settle herself in. Because we knew we wanted to sprinkle her remains we didn't want a keepsake box or urn so I wasn't too sure just what we would receive. Sam's ashes arrived in a beautiful sky blue box with navy blue strips of crinkled paper. The ashes were in a plastic bag with a bow inside a soft satin bag. There was also a sympathy card. All so beautifully done and with so much care. Thank you Gateway for getting it just right.

Philip & Kelly Williams and Family

We would just like to say a big thank you to Gateway for sending us our little Mika's ashes. Mika was our gorgeous husky puppy, who at only 4 months old was cruelly taken from us. Although she was only with us for a short time, she made a huge impact in our lives and was loved greatly. We will miss having the chance to see her grow and we will miss her greatly. Knowing that she is now at peace is a huge help to us all. Thank you again.

Mandy, Bran & Mackinnon Family

Yesterday (July 5, 2014), we took home our baby girl "Mia". The heart to heart urn we chose for our little angel was just as beautiful as she was. We cannot thank gateway enough for the beautiful way she was presented to us. We also received Mia's paw print which gateway also did a beautiful job on. I am very happy to have my Mia home, from the bottom of our hearts thank you!

~ see memorial in The Bridge


Thank you for your care of our beautiful dog Abby. Today, June 24/14 we received her paw print and the urn containing her ashes. It is so comforting to have her back. Thank you for your professional care.

Luella A. Newman

Thank you for the box and the paw print. It was a great idea. Thank you, Luella

Brenda & Bill Fournier & Family

Yesterday, June 10/14, we received our beloved 14 year old cat, Cinnamon's ashes in her urn. All of us appreciated what Dr. Sheila Driver and Gateway did for us regarding Cinnamon. Now we have her back and will always cherish the memories that we had all those years. We will miss you, Cinnamon Love Mom, Dad, Bill, Andrew, Aaron, Alyson, Alannah, Anthony, Adam & Aidan

Gina Keller

This morning (Tuesday June 10, 2014) we had a private viewing of our beloved Sandy, who passed away suddenly on Friday May 30, 2014 at 7:30pm. Gateway allowed us to give Sandy the dignity and respect she deserved prior to her cremation. My family and I were able to give her final kisses, pets and hugs. I highly recommend this service. Sandy was not my dog, she was my child. The process allowed closure for my family and it allowed my children to say good bye, as they were not present when Sandy took her last breath. Thank-you to Martin who not only took my initial call to set up the appointment, but was there to guide us upon arrival to the viewing and through out the process. We were very comforted that we were able to take Sandy with us shortly thereafter. Sandy is now home in her beautifuly engraved urn with candles surrounding her. Sandy Keller 2004-2014. Until we meet in Heaven my sweet angel xoxo Love Mommy.

Natalia Mitchell (dog Mitchie)

Today June 5/14 would have been our beautiful minature schnauzer Mitchie's 15th birthday. Mitchie we had to say goodbye on Jan 24/14, we love and miss you everyday and think of you always. Your picture and urn is beautifully displayed on the tv unit in the familyroom. Love hugs and kisses. Mom, Dad Andrew and Lindsay


Today, I received the cremated remains and little paw print cast of our precious Tigger, our 12 year old miniature schnauzer. Thank you for the beautiful, attention to detail and professional job you did in handling him. Having Tigger back home helps my husband and me get through this extremely difficult time


i want to say i love you karma my baby you will always be loved wish you the very best we know you have watching us and you will be good friends with Timmy we miss you deeply but forever in our hearts loves and kisses and prayers you are forever here with us and we all LOVE YOU and thank you for the love and care YOU gave us you were really kind you will be always loved and cared for even up there we think about you everyday WE LOVE YOU KARMA AND TIMMY AND PAST PETS LOVE YOU ALL R.I.P LOVE YOU SO MUCH TAKE CARE.

Laurie Ouderkirk

I wish to convey my thanks to Dr. Hooman Afshari, of "Brooklyn Veterinary Hospital", and all the staff for the compassion that they provided to our family. On April 28, 2014 my kitty, "Tabitha", came to the end of her life. "Tabitha" and "Tyson" (that passed about two years ago) provided unconditional love, and in turn I was grateful I was able to give them a loving and free way of life. My deep heartfelt thanks to "Brooklyn Veterinary Hospital" and "Gateway Pet Memorials" for providing the ability for me to reunite these special kitty cats with their true owner, my daughter Christine Lee. We received two kittens in July 1998 in order to help alleviate my daughter's pain as she was slipping away due to a malignant brain tumor. A wonderful friend brought "Tabitha" and "Tyson" (two sisters of the same litter), to gently love Christine while she went through a tragic and trying time at the tender age of 12. Christine Lee passed away in November 1998. The love and respect that Dr. Afshari provided to my Angel Kitty, Tabitha, at a time that she couldn't come back to me, was a beautiful and loving experience. Once again, I turned to "Gateway Pet Memorials" to provide a beautiful little urn for Tabitha's ashes so that Christine and her kittens could be reunited in the next life. My daughter was convinced that she would be “appointed” the job of welcoming “all the animals” that needed to move on, greeting each one with a cookie, a little scratch behind their ears and a brand new life running free in heaven. Your combined efforts helped me complete a promise that I’d made to Christine Lee many years ago. Christine had looked me straight in the eyes and told me to, “Give the kittens a good life, and when it’s their time to LEAVE, bury them beside me”. Thank you all for your ability to provide the inevitable, yet most important job in life, and help to alleviate the pain of losing another loved one. Laurie Ouderkirk

Klaud & Tom

I am so broken and lost today. We love you Max, you were and still are our baby since you were a 6 week old Jackie.You are 14 years and 5 months today. (02/2000 - 05/2014). You have lived in 3 different country's and were always ready for new adventures. I'm going to miss your kisses, and all your beauty but we will never forget. Love you very much Maxie - your 2 daddy's!


Well little Naia it breaks my heart to be writing this and who would have thought today would be the day you would go so early in your little kitten life. Naia i didnt see you every day or nearly as much as i would have wanted to but know that i was always thinking of you and how special of s little kitty niece you were to me. No one knows why these things happen and why such young healthy creatures,friends, pets and family members pass but it must have been your time baby girl. You and Elway both passed so soon and so young its not fair but doesnt meen we wont continue to think of all the great things you brought into our lives at every good and bad moment. I will never forget bringing you home putting you in your new little bed and having you meow that whole night naia you always knew how to wake us up when you were hungry or thought it was play time, we love you little girl and know how much your mommy loves you dearly miss you and always thinking of you!!


Today May 22, 2014 our beautiful Naia had to leave us. Naia was my grandkitty and I loved her so. She filled her mother's heart like only Naia could. Naia had a short life March 2013 -May 2014, but in that short life she brought 10 lifetimes of joy to my daughter Lindsay, Niai's new puppy sister Sadie and best friend Kia. Naia was a rescue and we new she was special, but what we did not know is that Naia's heart that was so full of love for her family was the same heart that would take her so young. We love you Naia and would like to thank you for all your love. Naia granny will miss you and ask that you stay close to your mamma's heart and help her heart mend because she is so sad. We will miss you, we will continue to say your name tell stories of your life and never forget your sweet face or the joy that you brought to our lives. Sleep little girl. Look for Elway he will take care of you. All our love.

Eric Lundsted - dog (Murphy )

. . It’s with great sadness that I inform you of Murphy’s passing . As a result of car accident Tuesday,May 6th 2014, Murphy had to be put down. He had a wonderful life in his 14 years as a faithful companion and hardly missed a carving day. Murphy loved to be in group photos and really looked forward to his daily walks with Carol. He will be missed by all. . . eric


Hello Huntie. Mommy has not forgotten about you. I am going to go and make another donation in your name on the weekend. It is going to be for Easter. I miss you so much Huntie. Whenever I see anything in the store that reminds me of you I end up buying it. The last time I bought a very nice picture and it reminds me of Rainbow Bridge with you being the biggest dog there and all these little puppies surrounding you. Huntie mommy just bought a little birdie last week. I know that you would be friends with it. The only thing is that I cant take the bird for a walk whereas you I could always take and us two always had such good times together. I love you Huntie and I hope to see you soon. Your Mommy always. Cristina the baby is going to have her birthday soon and will be two years old. You would love her if you were still here among us but I'm sure you can still see her from up in Rainbow Bridge.

~ see memorial in The Bridge

karen Thorndyke

Our cat spot passed on Apr 5th 2014, we are so heart broken, we received his urn and paw print back today, thank you for the beauty of how you returned him, the urn with his name and paw print and card has given me some peace up till now, thank you


I wasn't ready to say goodbye , but you were . Remembering 'Bandit' (b.june 27,1997~at rest March14,2014) You touched so many lives , miss you heaps . Many thanks to Dr.D(DVM)and Gateway .

Gretchen King

oh march 4 2014 our beloved miniature Poodle taffy had to sadly leave me and my husband Geoff.we miss her very much she was in our family for 15 yrs and 10 mths,her beautiful apricot fur was soft as cotton,her big beautiful eyes looks into our soul,will miss her affection and the love she had for humans,she was a celebrity in our city,she touched our hearts forever,no one could take her place,my heart is broken,love you forever ,your in our hearts,xoxox


On March 4th 2014 our beloved cat Stinky was put to rest. Stinky was the most loyal and loving pet anyone could want or ask for. We had requested to have Stinky's ashes returned to us so we could always know where he is. Gateway not only returned his ashes in such a timely fashion but also with respect and dignity. We had assumed we would have a simple urn given to us and therefore in advance purchased an urn online that we would transfer his ashes to. We were so overwhelmed when we opened the box to find a beautiful blue sealed urn with Stinky's name on it with a heartfelt card. We kept the new urn and put his favourite toys inside instead. Thank you Gateway for giving us such a beautiful memory that gave our stinky some dignity.

Carpenter family

March 18th 2014 we lost a family member, best friend, and companion. Rocco came into our lives as a rescue who suffered abuse at the hands of his first owner. Even though Rocco had endured a lot , he turned out to be the best dog and friend one can only dream of. He was gentle , kind soul that loved life and nature.. He loved his walks, visits to the cottage and playing barbies and house with the kids. My nights have been sleepless since you left, but I know your in a better place now away from pain and suffering. Your legacy will forever be remembered and locked away in our hearts forever. Your at peace now my love. R.I.P Rocco. I will miss your barks to when I sing you rocko babies, you chasing your tail and propping it up on the couch staring at it, your love, dedication,loyalty, and most of all beautiful spirit. You have changed my life in so many ways. I love you always and forever my precious baby boy hugs and kisses from mommy, cuyler, kaela, Sierra, eddy, Winston , and jada. You will be forever missed. Run free my love. Xoxox. Our circle has been broken but one day will be whole again. Love you forever.

Erica Aitchison

The morning I woke up and discovered my little guy had passed in the night was one of the worse experiences I've had. It was so sad to pick up his lifeless body, calling his name trying to wake him. I was no expecting his death but I never knew how old he really was because I recieved him second hand. Godzilla was the best bearded dragon I could have ever had, there will never be another one like him. So friendly, calm and suprisingly comforting. He loved his crickets and blueberries, but wasn't too fond of his veggies but he still ate them because he knew he needed them lol. We went on many adventures to visit family, and go to the beach and parks in the hot summers. I will miss you Godzilla R.I.P March 10th, 2014. A speacial thanks to Gateway Pet Memorial providing wonderful service! I am glad that I will always have him with me.

Mann family

We would like to thank gateway for providing such a loving caring service for our dog King who passed away suddenly at the age of almost 4. He was a beautiful loving Rottweiler who seemed like a human with four legs and fur. He was our everything, and it is so hard to wake up everyday without him. He meant everything to us. We appreciate Gateways service and cremating him for us so he can always be with us no matter what. Gateway allowed us to take time to say our last goodbye to our baby king. And we are very thankful for their support.

Fitzpatrick and Balducci Family

We want to thank Gateway for the services they provide. It very difficult to say goodbye to your beloved pet. Our doggie, Mocha, passed away on February 15, 2014 at the age of 11. She was a beautiful chocolate lab with tons of personality and was always by our side. She made us laugh, and brought us so much joy. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to have her in our lives. She are missing her so much. We feel we have lost a family member. We love and miss you Mocha! It is comforting to know that Gateway's standards and live for animals will ensure our dear Mocha will be treated with dignity during the private cremation process. Thank you Gateway.

Sophie Polenek

Hunter we sent you a happy birthday message for your birthday with Maryanne but I gues it did not go through. I did remember that you had your birthday at the beginning of February and I did celebrate with a piece of cake and had you in my thoughts and prayers. Kristina is such a big girl now. Remember how she was just a little baby 2 years ago and how she would always crawl on the floor over to the rocking chair that you used to sleep on. She would be so excited to see you. Everytime she sees a picture of a dog she always goes wau wau. Hunter I will never forget you and all the good times we had together. You really made me happy and always laughing. You had such a nice and beautiful personality. Miss you Huntie and lots of loves and kisses. Love Mommy. Until we see aagain up in Rainbow Bridge

Anita Instant

I want to thank Gateway for the best care anywhere. We had to say good bye to our much loved Molly. And like Lady 10 years before her she was Cremated and returned in a beautiful Cedar box with her name on it. It was a hard day that was made a little bit easier with the kindness that I know Molly was shown. Thanks so much.


I said goodbye to my best friend Rosey on July 4, 2013, she was 14 1/2. It was the hardest day of my life and even 7 months later i still get brought to tears when i say or type her name. I ordered a custom urn with a beautiful puppy with angel wings custom painted to look just like my girl... They engraved her name and underneath the words "My Guardian Angel". I know that even though she isn't here with me in person, she is always walking beside me. The most loyal and loving dog anyone could have ever asked for. I miss her every second of every day. I am very thankful that there are places like gateway so that now she will always have spot in my home and a beautiful urn to remind me of her beautiful spirit.

Natalia Mitchell

On January 23, 2014 we had to make the difficult decision to say goodbye to our beautiful minature schnauzer Mitchie who was 14 1/2 years after our visit to our vet. We chose to take Mitchie home for the night so we could give him more love and inform our children. The next aftenoon we all stayed home from work to spend the remaining hours with Mitchie. We went back to the vet and said our goodbyes. Our vet informed us about Gateway and we were assured that Mitchie would be in good hands when we chose to have him privately cremated. Mitchie's remains were returned today January 30. We choose a beautiful cedar box, which now is displayed in the familyroom on our TV unit. We miss Mitchie terribly and so proud to have been his owners. We cherished our beautiful boy and he will never be forgotten. We have all shed many tears and will be putting together a scrapbook with all our memories. Love you little prince.

jim and diane pollard

hi every one my family and i had to put to sleep our best frend of 14 yrs little trixie jan 23/2014 we got her ashes back jan28/2014 we loved her so much and will never for get all the good times we had with her i still have tears every day and now its very quite here without her sleeping with us and running around a big thanks goes to gateway for the awesome job they did love you trixie see you again xxoo

Denise, Josh, Melissa, Angelina and Chad

We have had over 14 beautiful years with our Akira, a purebred Chow Chow. She was indeed a joy to everyone, and loved by everyone. We were blessed in every sense of the way from the time we got Akira, a three month old pup, and brought her to her home for the very first time, and now to “Rest in Peace” in her home. Akira’s passing at home was peaceful as the blessings continued. We know that she was determined and strong with what she went through but she was always there for me, her “mom,” no matter what. She was ready to go, and she let us know it by the little signs shown. She was shown so much love the last few days and was surrounded by the people who loved her deeply…..LOVE has been and will be forever, Akira, our Baby, our Boo and our special girl. Our family would like to say a very heartfelt “Thank You” to the people at Gateway for treating Akira as precious, as she was very precious to us. To the wonderful and special people such as Martin, Steve and Karen, you were amazing and supportive in our time of need in your own ways but the overall was compassion, respect to the love ones, and love for animals. You took away all my fears and delivered a service that I respected and appreciated. This closure was completed because of people like you…God Bless to you all!


Becky - My loyal companion for 13 years... I will miss you so much but there is a time that we have to let go no matter how much it is painful. Love you.

~Pat & Claire~

Thank you Gateway for the wonderful way you handled the services for our dear beloved Buddy. The compassion and kindness shown to us proves that we are not alone when it comes to feeling how animals are a part of the family too! Buddy will be very sadly missed but thanks to the way you have preserved his ashes in the lovely urn and given us the wonderful paw print he will always be with us. Thank you Gateway!

~ see memorial in The Bridge


i just got my angels remains back and i was so impressed..i opened the box and found him inside a beautiful blue urn and just knowing that he will always be with me was he most comforting thing...my angel was a beautiful white deaf blue eyed boy cat...i rescued him in 1999 from a very bad home and he suffered there..i brought him home and turned him into the sweet caring beautiful boy he was:-).... i almost lost him thru two surgeries after that from residual side effects of abuse but i never once gave up ..i called him my little bionic kittie..he took a licking and kept on ticking and i wouldo it all again in a heart beat...to see him change from the boy he was to the loving boy he became made me happy :-):-).. he went from being scared and never came out during the day..to a rolly polly white ball of love :-).... he was my first rescue and i kept him and gave him his final forever home for his last 12 years of his life :-).. hes so missed here by his fur brother ...when i brought the urn in he ran to it instantly..he knew!!!.. he layed by the urn all day..and still comes up to it to make sure its still there...the best decision i made was getting him cremated!!!.. i dont have to worry about him being underground and a coyote digging him up or anything...hes right here ..on my lap as i type this....thank u gateway...honestly....i didnt believe it would be done so nicely...but i will be doing this for my 20 year old dog if lord forbid anything happens as well as my other fur baby....im blown away how at peace his has made me....


It was with great sadness that I had to put down my wonderful dog Rebel on Dec 28th 2013.He was in a lot of pain and I could see it in his eyes. He was almost 16 years old. He was a wonderful Jack Russell so calm and laid back and a very good protector of his "MOM". I would like to thank all of the wonderfully understanding staff at Banner Road Veterinary Services in Thamesford, Ontario. I will miss him so very much.


I went today and brought my Honey's remains home. I was very impressed with the overall presentation of her wooden box urn, complete with a personalized sympathy card with her cremation date and thoughtfully expressed condolences. A very professionally provided tender loving care service. Thank-you very much Gateway.




Bunny, only you know the sheer pleasure you gave us. People will say that we are crazy, but you weren't just our pet...you were truly a member of our family. RIP Bunny and we will see you on the other side. WTBGE

sophie polenek

Hello Hunter I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I still wish you were here in person. I miss you so much. I purchased a flower for you for Christmas and the church that mommy goes to used it to decorate up the church. I also purchased two more flowers for family members. I am spending the Christmas holidays with the baby Kristina and Maryanne and Andrea and Brian are coming over later on today. You be a good boy. I know you always are. You have a good Christmas and watch over us till the day we meet on Rainbow Bridge.

~ see memorial in The Bridge


Wishing you a Merry Christmas missing you so much Bailey. Love you

Stephanie Hill

It is with a heavy heart that we send our Hudson Buddy to you. He was hit by a car on December 16. Our vet, Dr. Jodi and her staff at Jackson Creek in Peterborough in Peterborough did all they could but in the end we made the decision that was best for Hudson Buddy. Unfortunately he wont be with us for Christmas but we will start the new year together. He will be missed terribly by his brother and sister and family. Hudson Buddy you were the best golden retriever anyone could ask for. Always giving and asking for nothing. Merry Christmas Buddy, safe travels and we will start the new year together xoxo



lies hogan

To my beloved burr. I love you so much my heart aches you will always be my number one merry Christmas my burr. I love

~ see memorial in The Bridge

The Colwell Family

Our best friend and companion of almost 14 years passed today - December 13, 2013 at 6pm. As I looked in his eyes and told him how much I loved him and that we would be together again someday, he passed away... Our family thanks Gateway for what it does to help us keep Whiskers memory alive in our hearts.

~ see memorial in The Bridge


My heart is breaking, my best friend could not fight the cancer that riddled her once beautiful sleek and silky furry black body anymore She was a beautiful old girl who aged so gracefully dignified and loyal Till the day I had to say good bye on November 27th 2013 forever.She was my Little bear a Burmese/mix I just had her ashes returned to me today, thank you for taking such care of my little girl God bless you Little bear you adopted me 10 years I miss you so much I love you xoxox I hope God gives you lots of pieces of ham I will see you again someday.

The Beaulieu Family

On December 3rd 2013 we had to put Tommy down after 14 years of having him as a family pet. We know he'll be in good hands coming to Gateway, can't wait to have him home again. We'll love and miss him forever, it's not the same without you here. R.I.P. Tommy.


Our handsome boy and best friend for 15 years Muffin, is on his way to you :( it was with heavy hearts that we had to put him to sleep yesterday Dec 3/ 2013. We loved him so much and we couldn't see him suffer any longer. Please take care of him until he is back home with us where his eternal spot awaits him on the mantle (where I might add he was never allowed to sit) Muffin you were the best cat anyone could of ever asked for and I am so thankful you came into our lives, you will never be forgotten my boy. Love always and forever Mom, Dad, Travis, Lynsey and Nick xoxo

Daniel Carroll

Thank you gateway, for respectfully taking care of our deceased loved ones. I can't thank you enough for giving Dice a peaceful final resting place. We brought him to Ambassador Animal Hospital in Windsor, ON and they told us all about you. It was comforting to hear about Gateway and where our special little guy would end up. I plan on making a special trip to visit when the warm weather comes. Sincerely, Daniel Carroll

~ see memorial in The Bridge

Shaylyn, James and family

We wanted to thank Gateway for their care, and wonderful services when it came to our Rocky. Having his paw print not only on paper but in clay just completes his memorial spot beside him. All will be gifts the family can cherish for a very long time. We miss our Rocky so much, and having him home again in such a beautiful way helps us cope with the loss of our baby boy. Rest In Paradise Rockstar! Thank you so much Gateway for everything!

Darlene Leybourne

I want to Thank Gateway for the wonderful paw print of my best friend Gizmo.I was so surprised when I went to pick him up and bring him home and found the paw print. The service was great I had Gizmo home within a few days. Thank You so much from myself and my husband

Judy Tremeer

Thank you so much Gateway for the awesome paw print of my baby girl Gobo. It is a piece of her I'll have now forever! She was a beautiful white cat that was apart go my life for 17.5 years. My husband and I will miss her dearly. Thanks again!

Sonia Rak

Thank you so much for taking good care of Samantha's remains. Your compassion and great care has made me feel like she is ok in a good place. The most beautiful border collie that I ever had. Today is her Birthday, Happy Birthday Samantha always in my heart I love you. Mommy.

Thérèse Moquin

Thank you for taking such kindness with my girl Sissi. She was my world for 17 years. She has been gone only since october the 8. I received her back a few days ago and I talk to her daily. Thank you for making this possible.

Michael Mills

I have grown up with dogs all my life. I am 60 now and i can remember when just digging a hole out in the back yard under a tree was the way most people took care of there pets that have passed on. What you at Gateway have done is put dignity and closure to the loss of a loved family member.Jack was my best friend and close companion I will all ways miss him and thanks to gateway i will all ways have him near. Thank you all at gateway for making this possible. And im sure Jack thanks you as well because of you he will now and for ever more rest in peace


I would like to thank you for taking amazing care of my baby girl molly who had a good life she was 15 yrs old gone but will never be forgotten I would like to thank you for the beautiful urn and paw print and amazing box that it came in it was a long week waiting but well worth the wait now she back home and I can enjoy the memories it will give me great pleasure to feel she will always be here thank you

Sylvia Caird

I wish to thank Gateway for taking care of Bailey and putting his remains in such a lovely blue urn. Thank you for your compassion

cherril chotalal

To gateway pet memorial when i receive my pet remains it was beautiful very dignified ,very respectable i will like to thank you for making my friend feel loved.

cherril chotalal

I miss you so much Yellowman, you will never be forgotten, you were my son, my friend and you loved me unconditionally, but you are free now no more pain running free you will be in my heart forever and i love you dearly, until we meet again keep out of trouble my beautiful boy.


Logan will be missed very much by all of us. He was needed in heaven to be with nonna. Logan will have all the treats and runs he wants. We love you very much and miss you. Naraine Family

Barry and Sylvia

Bailey our Great Pyrenees is missed very much. He was a friendly but protective baby. He had the most beautiful brown eyes and white eye lashes and when he looked at you he melted your heart. He is sadly missed and will be for a long long time. He was our best furry friend. Bye our baby boy.


Missing you every day bailey. Until we meet again on Rainbow Bridge my dear friend

Adam Stankovic

Shelby our Pomeranian was a wonder..A best friend without exception.She was blessed in our lives. Shelby came into our lives 6 months before our twin girls were born.Shelby was diagnosed as un fit by the vet to purchase but we decided to keep her because we loved her..We cured the kennel cough and ear mites,She then blossomed to a wonderful angel who loved the girls and us.Shelby passed suddenly on July 1 2013 Canada Day which we will name accordingly as Shelby day from now on...I feel as I should have done more for her when she was coughing more than expected but the blood work was perfect..However being diagnosed with a murmur 17 days before her passing I had no idea on CHF..I was never told the severity by vet..Could I have done more? I ask myself that question every day and cant help blame myself...I cry every day. I lost my best friend.My love and best friend.. Monday morning she was panting and I could not do anything for her it was all so sudden She looked at me the last time, and she passed before she laid down for the final time in the morning of July 1..Pets at peace helped us immensely and Shelby was cremated by your company. She is with me now and I cry every day.Today I took her for a ride in the car as she loved.But today in her urn...I cried the whole drive..I hope to see her one day again as she was a very special part of my life and to my girls..We love you Shelby (Shlebystien)



~ see memorial in The Bridge

Brenda June

Michaelie passed away suddenly but peacefully in her sleep at home on July 1, 2013. She was my "little girl" or "Dolly" as my mother used to call her. A beautiful tricolour Alaskan Husky cross named after Michaela Quinn of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, a TV series character played by Jane Seymour, who gave me thirteen years of pure joy. Although in reality she was an older dog, I thought we would be together a while longer since she was not sick at the time of her passing and she still had all the energy and funny antics of a young dog. Michaelie was a gift from God just for me and I will miss her greatly. I loved you so much Michaelie and you'll always be in my heart. I know we'll be together again some day.

Lise hogan


Leah A.

Topaz Elizabeth (1993-2013) was the most beautiful, loving cat. Her markings were unlike any other calico anyone had ever seen. She was truly unique inside and out, a true princess, yet Topaz came from humble beginnings. She was found under some rail way ties as a kitten and was the only one of her family to survive a coyote attack. A neighbourhood dog rescued her and brought her back to his house. Weeks later I received a phone call from my mum who was working at their house selling jewellery at a home party. She enthusiastically told me that there was a kitten there who was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen, nobody could keep their hands off her. She was black, white and brown with a white tummy and a perfectly button black nose. I was sold! The next day coincidentally was my 12th birthday and that’s when I first laid eyes on Topaz Elizabeth! The next 19.5 years Topaz and I were inseparable. She was my baby, my sister and my best friend. Topaz had her fair share of curious moments. My family lost her on two occasions throughout her life, only to find her by walking through the rain knocking door to door holding her picture begging for any information as to her whereabouts. “Oh this cat is in our garage, we have a cat to so we gave her extra food and her own litter box and bed.” In typical Topaz style she found a hotel for the weekend. Topaz was extremely loyal and loving, she would always greet me at the door and wake me up in the morning if I overslept. Later in her life Topaz really began to believe she was human eating only human food, wanting to sit on the family couch with everyone, she became very vocal too. Her sense of entitlement was strong. I will miss absolutely everything about my little princess, words cannot express. A big thank you to Gateway for providing a beautiful card and memoir of Topaz. My friends and family will never forget her beauty, love and grace.

The Fleming Family

We just received the ashes of our beloved pet beagle, Pepper, who gave us joy for the past 15 years. Dillard Animal Hospital in London recommended Gateway, and expressed how much care and compassion you have with caring for our pet's cremation, and understanding they are very special to every family. The packaging of the ashes and paw prints was very beautiful and you can tell that they were done with care. We are happy to have Pepper back home where he belongs, and grateful that he was well looked after by your staff. Thank you very much.

Rita & Brian

We wish to thank everyone at Gateway. You showed compassion and such respect for the loss of our beloved "Boogie" He is back home now in his Beautiful Country Blue Silhouette Cat Urn & Paw Print. This brings us peace knowing he is back home with his Brothers & Sisters and of course us, Thank You Gateway. We lost Boogie May 28, 2013 to Feline Leukemia at only 8 months old. He came to us Sept 28, 2012 as a farrow cat and we took him in immediately. He was tested in Sept 2012 and tested negative for this disease, and in May 2013 he tested positive. Boogie passed peacefully in our arms thanks to Dr Lamb and the Staff at Westside Animal Hospital in Toronto. "Boogie" My Baby Boy, You are missed. Rest In Peace



Brian and Don

Thank you for taking such gentle care of our Oscar. We so appreciate the respect and dignity that you showed him. Oscar was gentle, loving and a happy soul. He was part of our family. We miss him and will love him forever. Brian White and Don Lee, Toronto, ON

~ see memorial in The Bridge

Kim and Dave Hergott

Our special angel ,Brinklow Midsummer Blue Angel 'Morgan' passed suddenly on May 21, 2013 at the tender age of 3 1/2 years old from accidental poisoning from a Yew Tree. (not undiagnosed heart problems) She was a wonderful friend to us and her pack here and a wonderful momma to her babies. Morgan we miss you so much baby girl and wish we had one more cuddle, one more hug and kiss from you. Your babies miss their momma but your legacy will live on . You were one of a kind and there will never be another Morgan. Rest well my Princess. We will meet you again at the Rainbow Bridge. Till then you will remain with us at eternal rest when you are returned to us.


I love You Burr very much its been almost two year and you are my baby boy

~ see memorial in The Bridge

Pete & Enia

Thank you so much for the paw print and the beautiful black and gold urn, that we pick out.We feel so fortunate to have found the services of gateway through Dr Stephanie Ewing.As fitting tribute to our beloved dog tazzi our pets fill that void and he gave so much back in return we loved him so so much we miss him a lot .Gateway was very professional and understanding, through our difficult time the services was excellent.We cannot replace our little angel tazzi but gateway has enabled us to bring tazzi back home in a beautiful black and gold urn and helped us to bring closure to the loss of a loved one thanks, again gateway for all you have done for us. Pete &Enia

Kim and Dave Hergott

Our special angel ,Brinklow Midsummer Blue Angel 'Morgan' passed suddenly on May 21, 2013 at the tender age of 3 1/2years old from undiagnosed heart problems. She was a wonderful friend to us and her pack here and a wonderful momma to her babies. Morgan we miss you so much baby girl and wish we had one more cuddle, one more hug and kiss from you. Your babies miss their momma but your legacy will live on . You were one of a kind and there will never be another Morgan. Rest well my Princess. We will meet you again at the Rainbow Bridge. Till then you will remain with us at eternal rest when you are returned to us.

Well Casper, another year gone by. Its been 2 years, May 9th that you were taken from me. I miss you so much, it seems just like yesterday. Your always in my heart. Although Mommy has Snowqueen to help take away the pain, I still miss you. You would have liked her Casper. She is all white like you and she could pass for your sister. Rest in peace my baby boy.

~ see memorial in The Bridge


I work at an animal clinic in D/T Toronto. Gateway is the firm that we work with when a 4 legged friend is lost. They have come to our clinic to show/tell us 'what happens' after the loss. They are an A1 company. Just call them and listen to what they say. 4 years ago my 15 1/2 Utah passed, they were great. In Jan 2013 I lost my Dak, at the age of 19 1/2. I knew the ashes I got back where only Utah and Daks. You guys are amazing...

Wayne Blanchard

I lost my pretty little girl on April 10th 2013 at the age of 17 she was my life so part of me died when she left.i want to thank gateway for being so careing whenever I called and getting her back to me very quick.i talk to her daily as if she is still here with me.holly I miss you so much and love you always,see you on the bridge sweety.



~ see memorial in The Bridge

Rocco D'Amore (Rocky)

Today my best friend gets to move on from this life, onto the next. I will miss him so much, they way he use to play and bite me when we would play fight. you know a boy and his dog how close they can be. I can't believe it came so soon didn't think at 8 and half at least. I thought I would of had at least another 5-6 years. I'm going to miss everything about him, his little eyes, his little button nose, his smell.. I know it sounds weird but I've had him since I was 10 so I'm 18. I didn't think it would happen with his back breaking and fluids and such. just I'm happy that I have friends and family members that understand where I'm coming from with this loss.


On Dec 28,2012 my dear sweet Nicki (a Dachshund)of 13.6 years lost his battle with cancer. You tried so hard to stay with me as long as you could but I could see it in your eyes when you could go on no longer. Spooky (a blue point Siamese) of 11.6 years lost his battle with cancer. You always loved me so deeply I could see it in your eyes. My heart was so broken & think of you both every day. For the longest time I saw you both in the corner of my eye around the house that now was so quiet! You both were cremated together & now your urn sits on my mantel where I see it several times a day. My memories are just a little less painful & you both will never be forgotten but you are together. Many thanks to all of you at Gateway for the wonderful job you did for my darlings who were so beautifully returned to me.

The Olsen Family

On Feb 24th,2013. Our little Buddy Olsen left us. We never knew how much it would hurt to lose such a special little guy like Buddy. I have to say how very impressed we were with the survice and care that was given to our dog. We just want to thank you for your kindness and care. From Tara, Mike, Randy, Jean Olsen

Lyn Howie

Thank you for taking such kindness with my girl Sassy. She was my world for 11.5 years. She has been gone only since Valentine's Day. I received her back a few weeks ago and I talk to her daily. Thank you for making this possible.

Dwight Family

After tragedy struck and we lost our beloved canine friend, Justice on February 28, 2013 we meet the staff at Gateway. When we dropped her off the staff was very respectful and offered condolences. The facility was clean and homey feeling, we were worried it would be clinical and sterile. The staff made us confident that our Justice would be treated with the respect and dignity that she deserved. She was returned quickly, and her urn is beautiful. I am most pleased with our dog bone cremation pendant, and paw print. Thank you doesn't seem to be enough to express our gratitude. I would recommend Gateway to anyone that requires pet cremation services.

Missie Girard

Feb 22 /2013 Missie passed Gateway we would like to thank you for looking after her and getting her back home to us so soon .Missie was a valatine gift and birthday she was the best gift I ever got I love her so much we spent ever day toghter walked talked and so much more she was my friend we will meet again.


Thank you for taking care of Milo's cremation and ensuring his final steps towards the Rainbow Bridge were peaceful and respected. On February 21st, we lost our Chubby King Milo, but we are all over the moon with the return of his beautiful urn with his cremains in such a short time. He is back home with us tonight. Thank you so much Gateway for giving us the gift of knowing Milo was taken care of properly and respectfully and the immediate service of his return home!!! :)

Thomas Family

On Feb 22nd my cat Archie of almost 18 years passed away. I can't believe you are no longer here,I miss you so much. You came into our lives unexpectedly and i feel so blessed that you did. Until we meet again love you always Joyce

Ilinca Zugravu

On February 3rd, 2013, my beautiful Smotocel left me, taking with her a part of me. She was a Birman cat, a very special one and my best friend for 12 happy years. Thank you, Steve of Gateway Pet Memorial in Toronto for treating my Smotocel with care and dignity.

Moe, Jordan, Waheeda and Adam

Thank you Gateway in Scarborough for your caring and wonderful way you cared for our Aries and the consideration you showed us at our viewing. Our darling baby Aries he is our precious dog and you treated him with respect and love. The two guys who took care of our baby in such a gentle manner it made us feel very comfortable. We cremated him on the 11th of February his life was short with us Aries brought joy to our life for the last six years no one could ever bring. My little comedian has left us with such sadness but his ashes will be by our side in a beautiful marble urn.I will be able to say good morning and good night to him everyday it gives my family comfort that he is back home with us. Aries my baby, my baba until we meet again. Thank you Gateway for your kindness and compassion you showed us.`

Megan Hanna

I had the pleasure of having the best friend anyone ever could have asked for my Pitbull chaos aka doodle for 10 of the best years of my life. Chaos changed lives everywhere she went, touched many hearts and changed opinions and bias that were layed upon her breed. Chaos you will always be what a Pitbull is kind hearted, gentle to all beings around you, and fiercely loyal to your family. You may be gone but will never be forgotten, your light will always shine strong in my heart, you saved my life and I will never forget that, you are the reason I choose the high road and got my life on track and made me see who I needed to become. You are deeply missed and cherished for the time we shared together, although it seems like it all went by in an instant. Loved always and forever mommy,daddy,your human babies raven and victor,uncle chara,auntie taryn,nana,papa,papa smurf,papa roo, auntie kait and all the others you embraced along your journey :) I would also like to say thank you to gateway for the beautiful way in which they handled chaos in her passing I'm for ever great full and touched on the beauty in which I will always get to remember her. My family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts

The Quinn Family

Today,on January 31, 2013 we lost a special member of our family, our perfect and beautiful orange tabby, Dusty. He meant the world to us and was l9.7 years old. He had a fun life, full of adventure and sunshine,always curious and purring. He enjoyed being anywhere we were and made sure if we were outside, he could come out and join us. He was the first and only pet Erica and Scotty ever had,they both fell in love and chose him immediately as he reached out with his paw to them. He grew up with the kids and was always there for us to cuddle,hug,and play.He loved to be wherever we were,always on the sofa with us and on the living room window sill demanding a breath of fresh air at the motion of his paw tapping on the glass especially in the winter.Everyone loved Dusty, he lived a long,pampered life and gave joy to everyone that knew him. He loved the christmas tree and receiving tissue paper to rustle and jump in.He loved the shiny foil chocolate eggs for batting back as we pitched them to him as he sat on the sofaover and over again. He was our everything,we will cherish all the funny, and beautiful memories of him forever and be thankful we had him in our lives for so many years. we are so fortunate for that .He passed away quickly and peacefully at home in my arms in his favorite room the living room,swaddled in his soft fleecy blanket. I huggged him with all my love, and held him close to my heart as tears rolled down my face in disbelief. We love you Dusty, thanks for being ours to love and for choosing us as the kids chose you. We will cherish you forever in our hearts and remember all the happytimes we shared.Love Eric,Liz,Erica and Scotty, xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox. Thank you Gateway for helping us through this difficult time.

Lynn Nelson

Today, January 25, 2013 marks 5 months since my wonderful Siamese cat Jasmine passed away. It also would have been her 18th birthday today. It is a difficult day. I miss her more than anything. She will always live on in my heart and will NEVER be forgotten. I cherish the years that we had together and I have lots of wonderful memories and photos. She gave so much and asked for little in return. Love you Jas. xoxo

~ see memorial in The Bridge

Sheila Pierson

The Afterlife: Winter gave me 12 beautiful years, never in that time did she ever run away. Whenever, we went for walks in the woods of St. Joe Ar she would run ahead, stop, look at me and wait till I caught up to her and she do it again. She changed me, she made me a better person. She taught me to be happy in the moment, cherish the little things, to be compationate and forgiving. She helped me to spiritually evolve. I believe this is why humanity has animals like dogs and cats, dolphins and so on to help humanity evolve..........this is life after the death of a loved one like Winter

Kevin Paine

Suddenly on January 4,2013 I lost my daughter,my roomate and my best friend Tila.Tila was a 2year old weimaraner that was my life.Coming home from work or just coming home from being out she was so happy I was home and likewise I was very excited to see her as well.My girl sat with me on the couch,slept in bed with and was always 2 paws behund me everywhere I went in the house.Three weeks have now gone by and I still wait for her to coming running down the hall and jump on the the couch and watch tv with me.Tila's vet and Gateway showed there true professionalism as they helped me through tihs very difficult time.I would also like to thank Histovet Surgical Pathology as they tried to give me answers I so desperately needed.I know Tila is still at home I do feel her presence,but if I could be granted one wish it would be for her to come back I love you Tila I miss you very much.

Jocelyn Stokes

I put my little girl, Misty, to rest on Dec. 31, 2012 after 11 years together. I miss you so much. It's hard to come home everyday without you here to greet me. There are still constant reminders of you everywhere in the house. However, after a private cremation thru Gateway, I know you were treated with the utmost respect and dignity you deserved. I now have you back home with me in a beautiful oak urn, that will sit on my bedroom dresser, as a constant reminder that you are missed and forever loved. I hope you will make lots of new friends from this website in doggy heaven. And one day, we will cross the Rainbows Bridge together. Until I see you again, you are always in my heart, Misty. I love you and miss you so much. Love Mom xoxo

Robin & Peter Amaral

We made the difficult decision to put my loving dog done on Dec 29, 2012, his name was Foxman, he was 16 years old, he had a wonderful life, there is not a day that goes by that my heart does not break, I miss him, I had him for half of my life. Mommy, Dadyy, Jordon and Jacob love you Foxman. Forever in my heart.


In Loving Memory of My Beloved Daisy February 1,1996 ~ December 28, 2012 Thank you Gateway Pet Memorial for treating my beloved Daisy with dignity and respect that she deserved. I received Daisy back this evening to return home with me... I was so pleasantly surprised to also find a clay paw print.... Brought tears to my eyes! Couldn't stop crying.... Miss you and love you Little Miss Daisy...


I lost my min pin, Kahlua, Jan 2/13 after a very brief bout with pancreatic cancer at the age of 6. It was beyond difficult to make the decision to put him down, many tears have been shed and some still are. I thank the wonderful services of Gateway for allowing Kahlua to be brought back home to be with his family. I eagerly await my special package to help with the closure. Not a minute goes by that I don't think of him, he was with me for many life changing moments and always provided unconditional love. He gave selflessly and asked for little in return. I'm hoping he is getting all the cookies, treats, and carrots he can eat across the rainbow bridge; and all the squirrels he can chase. You are one little bugger than I will never forget. Love you tons Bubba Joe! xoxo - Mom, Dad, Phoenix, Damian

~ see memorial in The Bridge

Rose,Ed,Ashley and Jason

Our best friend and companion Mr. Biggs passed away December 12, 2012. Mr. Biggs was a wonderful little brown dachshund that loved life. Mr. Biggs lived to the of age 16 years old and was loved by anyone who had contact with him. We want to say thankyou to Gateway for there wonderful care and understanding when we got Mr. Biggs cremated. The wooden box that Mr. Biggs is in is very beautiful and the cremation certificate was done with utmost respect. We will miss Mr. Biggs always and forever we loved him so much now he will be with us and in our hearts. Thankyou so much Gateway we will never forget you. Yours truly Rose, Ed, Ashlely and Jason

The Langlands Familly

I would like to thank Gateway for the prompt courteous service that they have provided us with over the last two years. We have suffered heartbreak on three occasions, Junior tragically was hit by a car March 7, 2011his ashes were returned to us about a week later....June 24, 2011 Leo which was Juniors father sadly left us Gateway was kind enough to put both of their ashes in the same beautiful urn..Our latest passing Cosmo was handled with much respect and dignity.....We greatly appreciate Gateways services as our animals are not just pets they are part of the familly and thats how they treat them.....I miss our children everyday and cannot say thank you enough to be able to have the services that gateway provides....THANK YOU

Paul and Gail

I Will miss my "Teddy Bears". I like other dog owners had Teddy since his was a puupy and we had him for 14 years. He was loyal and loving dog and enriched our lives with his presnce in our household. Teddy died on Decmber 28, 2012 and now the house is empty without him. Our other dog (Spencer) does sense that Teddy is not there. Teddy did not die along Spencer was at his side. Teddy will be missed and he will always be in our heart and mind.


My precious Jack is on his way to you in the next week or so. My true and loving companion, my "blonde ambition", I can't see life going ahead with him. Please keep him safe in your love, respect and compassion until he returns to my arms again. Then I will put him on the bridge. God speed Jack, I'm sorry you didn't make it to 10 years old... so sorry. Will love you forever and ever, and wait to meet you again....Lorraine

David Ebert & Bill Morton

"Maggie" (December 23,1999 - December 8,2012) Thank You for taking such gentle care of the cremation for our "min pin" Maggie. Saying goodbye to such a wonderful pet was made a little easier when we received her cremated remains in such a beautiful and thoughtful manner. Your note of condolence and "gentle" packaging were gratefully appreciated. She meant the world to us, and "Gateway" treated her with great dignity and respect.

Bill and Micki

I would like to thank Dr. Dell, MacKay Animal Clinic,Whitby for her help and suggesting Gateway for their professionalism and compassion. We lost our beloved "Proper Miss", Missy, our little princess on Dec.6th,2012. She was a sweetheart. We had her only 3yrs of her 6 yrs of life. She was a rescue Greyhound but she made the best of her life with us.A gentle sweet girl that we will never forget. Her love of the cottage and our family. Our family will not forget her nor will her best buddy, "SHOT" also a rescue greyhound.

Toby and Sophie

We lost our golden Toby at 6 months old just over 2 weeks ago (Oct 2012). Health issues were severe and at birth which we were unaware of until they presented at 5 months, we had few options to provide him with a painfree life. I am heart broken and miss him every day. I thought this was my forever dog and we'd be together for many years. It was the summer of Toby and we had 4 wonderful months together. I also lost my Sheltie, Sophie 20 months ago, so 2 dogs under 2 years. Sophie was 8 and went into renal failure with no success after aggressive treatment. Although I had my Veterinary office handle both cremations for me through Gateway, it was done quickly and with much love and caring. I now have 2 cedar boxes on my fireplace mantle with beautiful pictures. Thanks for this wonderful service as it does ease the pain and having them home is a comfort. Always loved and never forgot. They are forever painfree and happily playing over the rainbow bridge. xo Donna, Guelph Ont.

Lynn Nelson

On August 25, 2012 I lost my beloved companion of 17-1/2 years. Jasmine was a wonderful Siamese cat who will forever be loved and sadly missed. She was very special to me and will never be forgotten. She was cremated at Gateway on August 29, 2012. Her ashes were returned to me a short time later in a lovely blue urn which matched her beautiful eyes. Thankyou Gateway for all of the care and dignity you provided to my furbaby in a time when I needed it the most. It also helped to bring me some closure in dealing with her passing.

Tom and Brenda Baird

We would like to thank you for the respect and dignity you gave our precious Keesha when she passed Sept. 28/12. We were absolutely devasted and you helped to ease that pain. She was a beautiful Norwegian Elkhound puppy when we got her at 8 weeks old and we had her for almost 15 years. Our hearts still hurt for her, but we love our little cedar box with her ashes and the lovely paw print. Thank you so much Gateway!

Alanna & Jason Miller

Our beloved dog Lestat was so sick, he had cancer and only had 3 legs. He was a pitbull and was the most loving dog anyone could ask for. We miss him greatly. Born- May 20th, 2003 Passed away- October 20th, 2012 We love you monkey. We miss you so much. All our thanks to the Baker animal hospital in Whitby for making this experience easier and more comforting. We appreciate all your support!!

Nathan Waldman

Today Sunday Oct 21st 2012 marks two years since my wonderful Cat Wednesday passed away. Her memory is still with me I truly miss Wednesday.


Thank you Gateway for your services and in returning my precious Dog and angel Buster. Buster was in my life for 16 years, I had him since he was 10 months old. I miss him terribly and having his ashes returned to me makes me feel closer to him and when its my time to go, he will come with me as well. Thank you for your compassionate services. R.I.P. my precious Buster, Daddy misses you everyday.

Brenda Baird

Please take care with our Keesha until you bring her back home to us...she passed this past Friday Sept.28/2012 and we are waiting anxiously for her return to us. You have come highly recommended...thank you :)

June Law

We had and loved our little Bichon for 14 wonderful years.She was very much family to all who knew her and loved her.Minnie was our little girl and she will be forever missed. Thank you to the people at Gateway for the care and understanding during our time of grief.Minnies cremated remains are now back home with us,and we are forever greatful.

Donna & Phil Minicola

We had our sweet Diamond for 12 years.June 19 2000 - Aug 31 2012.She was a loyal companion to all of us.We miss you so much .She was a beautiful Sheltie. Thank you to Gateway for their compassion & respect our little girl deserved. Mommy & Daddy will miss you every day.

Laurie Ronne

I have lost my baby girl Jasmine last week she was 21 years old and lived 18 of those years with me. The time we had together was the best relationship I have ever had -Human or furry friend. She suffered a long time and had many many ailments. I had to make that dreaded decision and feel comforted to know she is now finally free of pain and agony. I just picked her ashes up yesterday and was pleased with the way she was handled. I only just now had the ability to look into your establishment and am very glad to see she was handled with respect and compassion. I am heartbroken but time will heal these wounds. I have her by my side and now she is playing with her friend Smokey who passed on 12 years earlier. BABY GIRL..you will ALWAYS AND FOREVER be my little baby boo boo bear, with golden eyes and soft silky hair..I sing this to you now as I did everyday you braved your cancer,IBS and all other ailments. God bless you baby wait for me.

Chris Verwey

August 25, 2012, I had to say goodbye to my Nikita, a beautiful Siberian Husky that was a best friend for almost 16 yrs. I was with her when she was born and I was with her when she passed. My heart is devastated and I miss her so much. Rest well my friend.

Joanne Palmer

Our pets give us more than we will ever be able to give in return. I lost my loving dog Barkley March 31 2001 and now my dog Benjamin on July 9 2012. Each time my heart was broken. I miss both of them greatly but feel blessed to have had their unconditional attention and love. They didn't care if my hair was messy or my teeth weren't brushed as long as they got their kisses. Gateway should be commended for their service in bringing closure to us and our precious loved ones home where they belong. Each time has been with dignity and caring, something we all know our pets deserve to say the least. Now my boys are together. Always missed - never forgotten. Love Mom

Darren & Tina Metcalf

On June 25 2012 we lost our beautiful Holly who filled our lives with love. Thanks to gateways service we will have Holly with us forever I would recomend there service to any loving pet owner again thank you gateway for showing our babies compassion

~ see memorial in The Bridge

Susan Muise

Sargeant Pepper was a beautiful Tuxedo Cat. He always woke me up early in the morning by biting my arm ever so gently. He was affectionate, gentle and so loving that he seemed at times to be human. Whenever I read, Pepper sat purring on my lap. Wherever I was - Pepper was close by chatting away. If I was sad he was almost annoyingly attentive! It was so nice to be able to bring his litte urn home and place it by my reading chair. All pets are special - but some are just more special than others.

Keith & Tina Guile, Windsor, Ontario

Sadly, in April 2011 we lost our beloved little girl Sassy, she was a gorgeous calico kitty who's temperament was as gentle as a lamb, she was only 13. On May 6, 2012 we lost our much loved kitty, Fluffy who would have been 22 on August 8. He was referred to as the gentle lion by anyone who had the pleasure of knowing him. Having no children, our beloved cats became our whole life and our hearts will be forever broken. We cannot thank Gateway enough for the beautiful urns and giving us the comfort in knowing that our babies would be treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve. Thank you so very much to all the Gateway staff, we will be forever greatful for your professionalism and kind hearts.

Joe & Jennifer McFadden

Thank you, Gateway, for your sincere compassion and caring. Our beloved cat, Amber, passed away very suddenly and sadly on April 21, 2012. Even though she was 14 years old, she still acted like a kitten. We miss her dearly and were glad to have her "home again" within a week. The tan urn matches her colouring and the sympathy card was very touching. She will be in our hearts forever. Miss you Amber sweetie. Love always, Mommy, Daddy and Amanda xoxoxo

~ see memorial in The Bridge

I miss you still my best friend Kiwi i cant even think of replacing you,Yvon bought you for me you were my special gift before he went to heaven,i hope your with him now <3

Mafia's Family

MAFIA NOV.1.1987- APR.16.2012 The best Siamese ever! We were deeply affected by Mafia's passing. We know he was old and we should have been prepared for this day but we were not. I guess we thought he would always prevail as he has done in the past. When he got sick Easter Sunday; we rushed him to emergency and the vet on duty decided he deserved a chance to recover since he has amazed us in the past. At first Mafia didn't seem to be recovering fast enough and we were really worried about him. But Saturday night he was doing much better and he gave me lots of headrubs and made his usual cries for his mommy. Since he was acting like his old self, we thought he was over whatever was ailing him. We had planned to take him 4 xrays on Monday to make sure all was good. Sunday was another good day. We were really pleased with his recovery. It seemed the antibiotics were taking effect even though he still had some issues going #2. As usual he slept with me cheek to cheek and paw stretched out to touch me. Monday morning about 3:45am I awoke alarmed as Mafia was not at my side nor had he cried to wake me. I immediately went looking for him. He was walking around confused and walking into tables, chairs etc. I screamed for his Dad to wake up and witness what I was seeing. He wasn't quite awake and thought Mafia was just having a dementia moment. I however knew otherwise. I called the vet immediately as I had to make the awful decision to put Mafia to sleep as I did not want Mafia to suffer. While waiting for vet, I had given him some buprenorphine to ensure he was not in pain and to calm him down. It was a horribly long wait until the vet showed up. I wrapped him in a blanket, took him 4 one last walk to the mailbox ( I carried him - he normally walked with me without a leash) and then returned to put him in bed to rest. The vet came and gave him a sedative. This did not work as expected, so his vet gave him another shot. Mafia did not like the second shot. He turned, growled and hissed at the vet and then ran off the bed towards the hallway. I ran after him and picked him up and took him to his water bowl so he could drink. He did drink a little and then he became very sedated so I put him in his bed and held him tightly while we soothed him and told him how much we loved him. Then the vet shaved his leg and administered the final injection while we had our arms wrapped around him. That is what happened! The vet stayed with us and reminisced about Mafia over drinks. He explained that Mafia had had a stroke that morning. We made arrangements for Mafia to be cremated. Now Mafia has returned home to us in a blue ceramic urn that matches the colour of his eyes. I get choked up and cry like a baby every time I think about him. Hard for me to speak about him and especially hard to sleep without him. I loved him so much. I miss his little cries for mommy. Dad misses their little drives to get our morning coffee. I guess one can never really prepare for the worst. However Gateway Memorial has provided us with peace of mind. Thank you Gateway.

Krista and Mark

On April 10 2012 we lost our little cat named Alley who was only 4. We just received her remains in a little urn with her name on it and a very professional certificate of cremation. We are very thankful for Gateway services during this difficult time.

Cheri Laursen

I lost my best friend and the family at Gateway were so compassionate and treated her with the love and respect she deserved. They did not rush me when I was making my decision on her final resting place and I knew that she would be handled with care. They went above and beyond and hand delived her remains back to me. Thank you Gateway family, for making one of the hardest days in my life a little easier.

Nathan Waldman

It was Oct 21st 2010 that Wednesday was laid to rest by Dr Van at Bayview Vet. It is almost 1 year that my dear cat has been gone I miss her so much she was only 6 wks old when I received this precious kitten she lived a great 18 years I still can hear her meowing and scratching man oh man I miss her so much! Rest in Peace Wednesday!

Angela M. Clatworthy

I just want to offer my sincere and heartfelt appreciation for the lovely, respectful way you treated our 20 years 2 weeks 2 days old darling cat, Bugsie. His loss was very profound for our family and to know that he was treated with such genuine care has gone a long way to help us deal with his death. He was a dear and wonderful old soul and deserved nothing but the very best. Also, the lovely presentation of his cedar box within the blue box with the card was so incredibly nice. Thank you very, very much!

Kishurilall Family

With the sudden death of our boy Tyson, we did not know what to do next or how things were handled. Mark at Gateway was wonderful and answered all my many many questions. We are comforted with the fact our Tys was handled with care and respect and that our final requests were met without judgment or hesitation. He was delivered in a beautiful urn which we did not expect and to have his paw imprinted in clay for us as an added memory was heart warming and wonderful. Thank you all for your support in this horrible time for our family.

~ see memorial in The Bridge

The Young Family

Thank you for easing our family`s pain during this difficult time. We now have our Harley back at home after you took care of him with such dignity and respect. His remains were returned to us quickly and in such a lovely cedar box along with the endearing sympathy card. You really love up to your motto ``Because Your Best Friend Deserves No Less``. Carol, Jeff, Jeffrey & Genevieve

~ see memorial in The Bridge


We now know our little baby is in good hands. Thanks for having such a beautiful and comforting website. It has brought us piece of mind during this difficult time. Don`t change a thing. We look forward to receiving the pawprint and urn which we will cherish forever.

lise hogan

to my beloved burr. i miss you very much. your my sweet sweet angel . i love you very much burr

~ see memorial in The Bridge


We just had our beloved dog of almost 15 years Farley cremated here and it means so much to have her back were she belongs and in such a quick manner. ALso thanks to the vet for their care and support to farley over the years.

Amaya and Navarro Family

Our cat suzie passed away about a year ago she is missed by everyone that knew her. We miss everything about her she was more than just a pet she was family we love her dearly and would like to thank Gateway for returning her safely to us Suzie we love you and thank you for being a big part of us, your truly missed and you will always remain in our hearts

Dora Toth

My beloved cat Erzse Toth Niro was suddenly killed by a speeding car this past month. I was grief stricken, all I wanted was to keep her at home where she belongs and was so pleased to find this service of cremation offered by Gateway that allowed me to do that,Thank You Gateway for offering this fantastic service,this has allowed Erzse to be treated with respect and dignity in death as she was treated in life...She will be sadly missed and never forgotten, her urn sits on the mantle where I can see her everyday and be reminded of the wonderful life we shared with her.. Thank you again for the wonderful job you do and thank you for caring RIP baby girl, we love you..xox Dora Toth Montreal,Quebec

~ see memorial in The Bridge

R & R Hocking

My husband & I just want to thank you for the excellent way you took care of our feline daughter Ebony. Your thoughtfulness and exceptional handling is something we will never forget. We knew one day this would happen and like anyone else were not ready. However, you have made it a little easier and we once again say thank you. She is back home now and somehow everything seems alright. Thanks again.

Ellen Anderson

I am so thankful my beloved Bailey was looked after with the care and respect she truly deserves. I knew right away after visiting your fantastic website that my mother had made the right decision and that Bailey was in the hands of a reputable company. Don\'t change a thing! My sincerest thanks goes out to Gateway.

Jackie Mummery

To my best friend-thank you for all the years you stood in my shadow. You are gone but not forgotten. I love you Dryfuss.

Bonnie and Howard Wolch

We lost our beloved Britney about three weeks ago. We miss her and think of her every single day. Thank you from all of us, and to Paul and Steve for taking care of everything so well for our lovely little dog and for doing everything exactly as we had wanted to make our precious Britney be comfortable. It was a pleasure dealing with you and getting all the help and feedback we did as well. You really know how to take care of families who are grieving and everything turned out so beautifully. We have our beautiful pewter urn front and center on the fireplace mantle surrounded by pictures and her gorgeous framed paw print. A truly professional and outstanding job and so happy she is back home with us. Thank you again!!!

The Julal Family

PJ – March 15 2005 to May 31 2011 At such a differcult time; we are ever so thankful that our vet ‘Clarington Animal Hospital’ suggested Gateway for our baby boy ferret PJ’s aftercare. It was a devastating time consumed by grief, but happy that we made the right decision in the midst of the commotion. It certainly helps a great deal in knowing that PJ was cared for thereafter (as he deserved no less). We were so pleased with the professionalism, presentation and of course the sympathy card….it is more than we would have expected. We collected our little guy’s ashes a couple of days ago from the vet’s office; as hard as it has been and continues to be….we are happy to have him back home with us where he will remain for the rest of my days. Our Wee J has a very special place in our hearts and will never be forgotten and always be missed greatly by all of us (his family). PJ was an independent little guy….went about his own merry way, he loved to cuddle on my lap and enjoyed smooching from anyone who was in the kitchen (while nipping at your toes..as to say ‘don’t forget me down here’). You made us laugh and we were totally amazed on how clever you were….you always figured things out, we could see the wheels spinning in your little head. PJ you will always be with us. Goodbye for now my little one, until we are all together again. Again, a great BIG thank you to Gateway for your amazing service..it certainly helps a great deal to know that you handled our Wee J with dignity and respect. The Julal`s, Oshawa

~ see memorial in The Bridge

We lost our beloved Britney on Sunday May 29th, 2011. We are totally heartbroken and think about her every single day. Our home is empty without her. We miss her barking, her greeting us all when we came home at the end of a day and her loyalty to all of us. She was a true friend who will be sorely missed. Thank you for looking after everything for our beautiful little princess Britney. We cannot wait to have her back at home with us again in her beautiful urn that we are getting from you. Many thanks again for making this whole situation so much easier for us to deal with.

Thelma Diaz

Our little dogs somehow got out and two of them were hit by a car. All three were wearing thier sweatres and I suppose that got people\'s attention because traffic stpoped and one person followed our third dog home and informed us of the tragic accident. After a long night of grieving we called Gateway. I don\'t know who answered the phone but they were very patient with me. Gateway send someone to pick up our babies and he was very respecful. About a week later we received our babies in a beautiful wood box along with a paw imprint of each dog with their name. That made us cry but it made us feel that Gateway gets it. They\'re just not dogs, their part of our family. Thank you Gateway.

Marilyn Poffley

CASPER R.I.P. Casper was a beautiful white male cat who was with me for 20 years out of his 21. He passed away May 9, 2011. He was my companion for all those years. He was a dog in a cat\'s body. Sometimes, I thought he was too smart to be a cat, but I was so thankful for every day I had with him. I miss him so much. I will never forget you Casper. Hugs and Kisses, mommy. I love you, and now Gateway has brought you home to your final resting place where you will always be with me.

Bob & Michelle

Saying goodbye to our beloved girl, Dharma, wasn`t easy and came as a shock to both of us. It`s only been about 3 months since we lost your brother, Barney, and we sure were not ready to let you go so soon. You were such a funny girl, always wanting more treats. You let us know what you wanted by all of your different sqeeks and meows. You loved Barney sooo much and he did you. So, know you are both together and no more pain shall you endure. Everyday we think of you Dharma and always will. You are irreplacable and Barney, as well. Remember, we will love you forever and never forget our Darma Doodle Dempsey. Love You Girlie Girl xoxoxoxo

Arian family

Mickey *17.2.2009-29.4.2011 R.I.P. Mickey was member of our family so loyal and always on our side.Mickey was shot by stranger in our backyard. He was so young and didn`t deserve to die this way. We would like to express our gratitude to North Town Veterinary hospital in Brampton where we brought Mickey after this accident. Unfortunately his injury were extend and they were not able to save him.They were very professional ,they told us about Gateway and offer to pay for Mickey`s cremation. We received his ashes yesterday along with sympathy card from Gateway, we were very touched.It was first time experience for us to use Gateway but we were very pleased.Thank you Gateway for being there at one of the most difficult times in our lives. Arian family

john ladd and kathy

we would like to say thank you and we feel happy that our shaddow girl is now resting in such a beautiful place. Shaddow girl we think of you every day and we miss and love you forever our special lady. love daddy and mommy p.s. auntie julie misses you whole bunches. xoxo

John Hiemstra

Thanks so much for providing the closure and on line ability to memorialize our beloved Foxy .Only time can heal the void in our lives and the heartache and pain that only pet lovers can appreciate .For my wife Arlene who bonded even more than myself and who suffers the loss even greater. Much Love . Your John Always


Our little toy poodle Pepper passed away march 29 2011, she was our baby, you were our little baby Pepper always there for us and we for you.you loved your lawn tractor rides&car rides we will love you forever and thank you for taking good care of our baby, the urn was lovely Gateway now she is at peace. and home with us.


We lost our bichon exactly 1 week ago on March 30, 2011.Casey was such a big part of our family for 13 years...Unfortunately she left us quite suddenly and the tears just haven\'t stopped...Casey was the sweetest, cutest, most wonderful dog from the moment we brought her home. We have just picked her ashes up today and the urn is beautiful, along with the heart felt card and the print of her paw. It certainly brought on another bout of tears, but I was to feel a sense of closeness to her. I was a bit skeptical at first about this whole process, but really what is better than having her here with us at home on her special shelf in the living room where we spent endless hours together with her. This is where she loved to be!I am so grateful our vet took care of this for us in such a time of sadness. You are always in our hearts Casey...xoxoxo Thanks so much Gateway you have provided a wonderful service!

Roxanne Holmes

My dog passed away March 22nd 2011 he was my best friend he loved his car rides and going for long walks. He was always there to greet me at the door was always at my side. Since being sick all I could do was to comfort him and love him in every way. My heart aches for him I miss him so much. Thank u Gate Way for the beautiful box and the paw print. When he finally came home to me I felt a bit better. Every time I go into the living room there he is, I can c him every day. I love you Max good bye my beloved dog love you always.

Janet McCarthy

Losing a pet is like losing a child. Nothing at all, can bring a loved one back, but Gateway, makes the entire ordeal, a little bit easier to accept. Thank you for the lovely memorial of my dear Colby. Your service is truly a blessing.

~ see memorial in The Bridge

Larry & Lorrie Blanchard

We have a number of our pets cremated over the last 20 years by Gateway and each and every time it has been diffucult to loose them.Receiving their ashes helped us to deal with the loss since we felt at least part of them was still with us. We recently lost our Cairn Chloe to liver failure at the age of 7 which was particularily difficult. Expecting to receive her ashes to start the healing process was greatly anticipated. To our surprise along with the ashes we received a cast paw print of Chloe which greatly comforted us and gave us a greater sense of her now being around us always. We intend to have the casting put into a shadow box for display. Thank you very much Gateway for this brilliant and unexpected symbol of our loved Chloe.


It is almost 4 months since my beautiful cat Wednesday was put down, I miss her very much 18 years old she was given to me when she was 6 weeks old by a friend. Wednesday besides me had many friends,she is sadly missed Rest In Peace Wednesday!

Cheryl Lunan

My husband and I became a`legal guardian` to our friends` dog, Ashley. We had the priviledge of having Ashley in our home for just over a year. In that short amount of time Ashley became a very big part of our family. She became best friends with our dog Harley. We soon began to feel like she was ours! Unfortunately she was taken away from ``us`` at only 2 1/2 years old.She will be sadly missed by us, her sister Bowie, and her best friend Harley. We want to thank Gateway for this opportunity to keep the life of Ashley going forward.

~ see memorial in The Bridge

Baxter my cat was put down in Aug, I have to say it was probably the most hardest thing I`ve ever had to do,he was different from the rest, when he went outside he came back to his name,he got along great with the other cat in fact they were more like brothers.I remember when he would come and wake up everyone in the morning,he was the sweetest cat ever he was there for anyone at anytime.Till this day I miss him more then words can explain. I`m not sure where he is at right now,cause I wasn`t able to take the good byes so I wasn`t with him with his last breath,I regret that everyday,I wish I knew where they took him so I could go there, but one day I will know. But till then I love you Baxter in my heart forever. Your best friend

Bill and barb Bedell

My wife and I lost a dear friend Jan.17,2011. Dylan was a beautiful English Bull Terrier. We got him as a rescue in 2001.He taught our other Bull terrier China how to play and have fun (she was mean to him at first).He was a very gentle clown.We miss him so much and are glad to have his ashes back with us. Thank you so much Gateway for your treatment of our friend. Rest in peace Dylan.

~ see memorial in The Bridge


First I like to thank the staff at Brack`s Animal Hospital for their kindness and compassion for the loss of my cat COCO of 20 yrs.They also told me about a place called GATEWAY,when I called them they were really informational about the services they provide while making me feel better about my concerns.I`m glade there is a place were people care and respect the loss of our loved ones while helping to reunite them once again so they can be close to their loving families.Thank you very much, it means the world to me! G.SHORT Windsor,Ont.

~ see memorial in The Bridge

Kim Fallis

I lost my best friend on January 2, 2011. It was very fast and unexpected. Willow would have been 14 this Feb. 20th. We got Willow when my youngest son was 3. She has been in his memories as far as he can remember. We were with her when she pasted. I just want to thank you for everything. The cedar box is lovely. It brought tears to my eyes when I saw the paw print. Its going in a shadow box. I will treasure it and my thoughts of Willow. Thank you for everything. You don`t know how much it means to us. Best Regards, Kim Fallis

Gerry Byrne

On December 27th 2010 our hearts were broken with the passing of our Beloved schnauzer Quincey. He was a faithful friend and companion for 10 years. As a funeral director for over 35 years, I knew the importance for a proper memorialization. I was truly impressed with the services of gateway, and glad we were given the option we chose. Quincey is at home with his loving family now. Thank you for the fine details, the paw print, satin pouch for his cremains. Quincey deserved nothing less. Lucy, Gerry and Greg Byrne

Michelle & Bob

To our loving girl, Dharma, who brought us so much joy, love & laughter, you will forever be missed and never forgotten. Rest in Peace with your brother Barney & take care of each other. Mom & Dad miss you everyday. xoxoxoxo

Cathy Hutchison

I would like to thank Gateway for the beautiful presentation of my beloved pet cats Muffin (15 years old) June 23, 2010 and Dutchess (20 years old) October 13, 2010. The beautiful blue box, the shreddd navy blue tissue paper, the certificate of cremation. The cedar urns were gorgeous and I love the inscription. Their \"little paw prints\" were a unique touch. I shed tears and I still do but I love having them both with me. Now I can always hold them near and dear to me thanks to your wonderful service. We still have our \"Bart\" who is also 20 years old and we will use your services again when the time comes. Thanks to our great vets Dr. John Birch and Dr. Paul Donevan at Whites Road Veterinary Clinic and Highway 2 Veterinary Clinic in Pickering and Ajax. They made all the arrangements. I am so glad you decided to provide this wonderful service to people like myself who lave and cherish their \"Furry Gifts from God\" and want a lasting memory of them be it cremation or burial. Thank you so much. Cathy Hutchison


Wednesday passed on Thursday October 21st 2010, a beautiful Feline that I had for 18 years. Wednesday was a Pal, Friend, I miss you very much Wednesday may you rest in peace.... Your ashes are with me

Daphne & Bud Shannon

Thank you Gateway for allowing our family to offer a special final tribute to our special friend `Buddy`. We loved him so and thank him for all the 14 special years he gave us. You have somehow helped us process this sad loss. Thank you Gateway.

~ see memorial in The Bridge


Please give our heartfelt thanks to the veterinary hospital and especially to Mark who made it possible to see Mars again and let my daughter be present in the begining and ending. We have to much guilt in our hearts, this shouldn`t have happened. My pain is so big that nobody could understand, but it is a hope to hold and kiss ANGEL-MARS again. Every day I see you in my hopes , in my dreams , and one day I told you and your brother MILKYWAY, I will love you forever. THANKS for your love MARS , you showed me what it is in real. XXXXOOOOXXXX. Many thanks to Darleen for all your compassion. Thanks Gateway.

Barb Sheppard

Thank you for your kindness with the loss of our beloved TC. I was too overcome to speak on the phone when I got the call that TC was at Gateway (from OVC), and was told `that`s okay - take your time, we will take good care of him until you are ready`. You have no idea how much that meant, even though he had passed, it was important to me to know that he was still in good hands, until he was back home with his family. Gateway also took care of our beautiful Golden Retriever`s private cremation two years ago, with compassion and professionalism. Your website is a wonderful place for grieving pet owners to share their loss with others. Thank you so much.

~ see memorial in The Bridge


Gateway Pet Memorials August 18, 2010 I need to convey my respect and appreciation to your staff and company, for the love and respect you showed toward my furry friend “TYSON”. She was leaving our world after a valiant fight. My kitty was able to pass in comfort and dignity, thanks to “Brooklin Veterinary Hospital” and “Gateway Pet Memorials”. Not only did you provide an amazing service to my kitty, but, you also provided comfort to me and my deceased daughter, Christine. You unknowingly helped me fulfill Christine’s last wish, “ To give her kittens (2) a good life, and bury them beside her”. Christine was convinced that she would greet “ALL” the animals that passed on, giving them a little scratch behind their ear, and providing them with a “cookie”, as she showed them to their new home, in heaven. I would highly recommend both “Brooklin Veterinary Hospital” and “Gateway Pet Memorials“, to assist in the final wishes of all animal lovers. Thank-you from the bottom of my/our hearts. Laurie Ouderkirk

Adrienne & John Nunn

Our best friend Katie was taken from us suddenly on August 4 2010. When the vet told us we could have her cremated I didn`t know what to expect, but then one week later we received her back. When we opened the box and found her paw print in with her cedar box the tears were endless, thankyou for taking such good care of her and bringing her back to us. Thank you again so much.

Jacqueline Lake

What a wonderful site you have created. It's conforting to know where Simba is right now. I lost him on July 13, 2010 and the bridge that you have created on your website is such a wonderful idea. I will also look into some of your book recommendations. Thankyou for caring.... Jacqueline.

~ see memorial in The Bridge

I lost my best friend on June the 1st. My liitle Boston. Thank you for the loving way you returned her ashes and her paw prints. I have been put her prints on my bedroom wall next to a painting of my little princess.

Ann and Ken Coleman

We lost out handsome gentle boy, Ace on May 28/10. His trademark from day 1 was his giant bear mittens. It`s been a devastating time for our entire family to say the least, but it`s reassuring to know our boy is in a better place now.We just received the clay pawprint and will treasure it forever.Many thanks to the staff at Gateway for treating our beloved Ace with the respect and dignity he so deserved!!Your in our hearts forever Ace, We love you and miss you terribly..xoxoxoxo

~ see memorial in The Bridge


Thank you very much for the Paw Print of my cockapoo Bonzo. I will cherish it forever. I think that Gateway's Online Memorial Park is an awesome idea your company has provided, for those of us who have lost beloved pets. It helps to make the grieving process a little easier. It is nice to visit the park and have family and friends do the same. Thanks a bunch for your service. It shows you truly care.

~ see memorial in The Bridge


I`m so happy to be able to visit the cremation process of CLWM, my dearest leopard gecko who was 16, and stayed with me for 8 years. Now he is resting peacefully inside his little beautiful urn, sitting beside my bed for the rest of my life. Thank you very much for everything!

Cinderella's family

Cinderella, Having to say goodbye to our faithful and sweet miniature shnauzer Cinderella, was very painful. She was a part of our lives for 14 years and she got us all through many sad and difficult times, always with a nudge or a lick on the cheek. We have wonderful memories of her and take solice in knowing she is at peace.She was too loyal and caring of a friend to have her suffer any longer. When we picked up her remains up they were in a beautiful wooden box and the paw print was beautifully made. The heartfelt card brought tears to our eyes as well, but very comforting. Thank you for making such a difficult decision easier.She will be in our hearts forever.

James Cullen

We received Harley`s ashes today and were so pleased with the cedar box. It is beautiful! Thank you for your great care and attention to our beloved chocolate lab, Harley.

~ see memorial in The Bridge

Michelle & Bob

Our cat Barney was the love of our life. He always wanted to be picked up, cuddled, kissed & eat treats with his sister, Dharma. When we set eyes on him at the SPCA, we just knew he was our baby. And boy were we right! He will always have a special place in our hearts & our love for him will never wain. Rest in peace ``Barney Boodle Dempsey`` and we will think of you everyday that passes. It`s only been 1 day but we miss you so much it hurts our hearts. Your sister Dharma says I love you & let`s get some treats !!! Love Mommy & Daddy Dempsey xoxoxoxo and your loving sister, ``Dharma Doodle Dempsey`` meow, meow xoxo

Brandon & Michelle Ingram

We had Conan out Lab cremated and we know have him in a special urn on a special shelf. It feels so good knowing that he is here with us, and not just buried. Not knocking the burial service, it just wasn`t for us. Bumble Bee our Yorkie just passed away and we are going to do something along the same lines. Having her cremated, a special urn used for her ashes and placing her on another shelf. It makes us feel like they are still with us. Ever closer. Thank you Gateway...

John & Marlene

Thank you Gateway, for providing this service, and Huntington Animal Hospital, for their care of our beloved cats through the years. Bennie & Bonnie deserved the very best.

Izabell Drimba

I would like to express my gratitude to Gateway, Mark and, in particular, Steven, for the gentle, compassionate and professional service we received when our beloved friend and family member of 14 years, Fancsi, was cremated at their Toronto site. Rest in peace dear Fancsi, you are in our thoughts every day, we will always remember you until we meet again! Izabell Drimba

Rachel and Gord

We would like to thank Gateway and Dr. Helen Douglas of Valley Vet for their kindness and care of our beloved Mariah. This is our second dog that Gateway has cremated and we were very satisfied with both. The paw print I received with Mariah will be cheried forever. Mariah was my girl, she was with me all the time, being a diabetic, she seemed to know when my blood sugar would drop to low and would either wake me up, or stop me from going outside or doing things. She took care of me and I took care of her until her final journey home. Mariah, Rachel misses you a lot, you were my angel on earth and now you are one in heaven. Remember the last movie we watched together was All Dogs go to Heaven and I`m sure you are waiting for me at the gate. Love you always and like I told you when you were going to sleep for the last time, say hello to Shebah, Tiger, and Keyla. Missing you every day. Thank you Gateway because of you I can see my little girl everytime I sit at my computer. THANK YOU

Suzi sarigiannis

I would like to sincerely thank Gateway for their services. Had they not been available I am not sure what I would have done with my beloved "One eyed Joe".For you see it was in the winter that Joe passed,and your services made his return to me possible. Thank-you so very much.

~ see memorial in The Bridge

Robin Kinsley

It has been almost 2 weeks ( Wednesday January 27th, 2010) since I have lost my beautiful cat Clyde. She was diagnosed with kidney failure and was in the final stages. She had been my \"Clydy Girl\" for almost 16 years and her sister Bonnie cries for her every night. I want to thank Dr. Campbell for being the wonderful and loving vet he has always been and for giving me the information for the option for cremation through Gateway. I really did not know to much about Gateway since Dr. Campbell had made these arrangements, but when I picked her up last Monday and I saw where she was cremated I had to go onto the website to see what they were all about. Although I was not with her @ Gateway, reading the other testimonials from those who have lost their beloved family and friends, my heart is comforted. I thank you for doing what you do and giving us all the options to forever remember and to move forward. We love you Clyde and miss you with all our hearts, we forever stare at your picture and kiss your urn every night. Mommy, Jason, Bip and Ethan. Also missing you, Bonnie and Sharkey. XOXO

Hilary Meggison and Doug Brennan

Our dear old dog Zoe passed away peacefully at home on February 4, 2010.We were frantic to find a place that would treat her respectfully and bring her remains home safely to us.Our friend recommended Gateway. I cannot say enough good things about the respectful way Zoe's remains were treated, and the kind and sympathetic manner in which Glen looked after us.Thanks a million, Gateway! Rest in Peace, Little ZoZo, our dog angel..

Kim and John Crusz

John and I would like to thank Willowdale Animal Hospital for taking care of our little girl prior to her passing and for also recommending Gateway Pet Memorial Services for their care of our little one during her passing. We would especially like to thank Mark Hillborn for his caring attitude in allowing me to take the time to say `goodbye` to our girl, for treating both myself and my little one with dignity and respect and for letting me participate in her cremation (this gave me some closure and reassurance when I was bringing my little girl home with me. My husband and I will never forget our little `Ladybug`. We think about her every day and remember the unconditional love she gave us. We`re lucky to have her urn with her ashes on our dresser and her paw mark, in clay, in a frame beside her urn. This also allows us to remember how fortunate we were to have her for the time we did.

Hum Famiily

We would like to thank Gateway as well as the Doctors and staff of Hillcrest Animal Hospital for their kindness and care of our beloved little boy, Jody. You were able to give us closure and the peace of mind we needed to know that our boy was in such good hands and in in a better place after his short lived illness. Thanks to Gateway for allowing us to bring Jody home. We know that he will always be watching over us and he will remain forever in our hearts. See Memorials in the bridge

Susan Warner

Thank you so much for such a wonderful job. The pawprint was a total surprise. I will cherish it always. I miss my boy so much. Its been a year and half since I lost Samantha too. I wish I would have done this for her as well. She is buried in my bush close by but I will have to leave her one day should I decide to move. My veterinarian highly recommended you and I'm glad she did. Thank You.

~ see memorial in The Bridge

Jamie Dupont

Thank you Gateway for your support in capturing the memory of our dog Coors by cremation. She was in our lives for 9 years and very much a part of the family. And now in our hearts thanks again for the memories.

Sandra Cleveland

Thank You so much Gateway for taking such good care of my baby boy Harley.My life has been so empty since my sweet angel went to heaven Dec5th/2009 after 13 years of Love and Devotion. He was the best dog in the whole wide world,he was perfect.Having him back home with me has given me such peace and has helped me to heal.The paw print and the comforting words brought tears to my eyes.Sweet dreams my angel you are forever in my heart.MOMMA LOVES YOU XOXOXOXO


The passing of my dog Austin came as a shock, although I knew in my heart this day would come I didn\\\'t know that it would be so soon. He was the best dog ever. He was so proud and so loyal and so loving and he knew that we loved him from the moment I rescued him as a puppy till his dying day. On that day I was told that he would be sent to Gateway and I had visions in my head of his lifeless body being disposed of and it was very unsettling. I went online and did a search and came across the wonderful website and I knew within seconds that this was the perfect place for our dog Austin to be cremated. He was returned to me only yesterday with a little note and in a beautiful box that was so lovingly packaged. I thank you for the care that went into this presentation and the care that you gave to my baby Austin. much love xo K.Dahlke and her boys

~ see memorial in The Bridge


I would like to thank each and everyone of you, who had participated in the cremation of my beloved buffy, this time of the year was her favorite, and because of you and your staff i have her back with her family , the urn is beautiful, merry christmas and God Bless, donation to follow.


I have never been so impressed with they way gateway has respected my beautiful Cat Rocky he was my baby cat since I raised him 3 1/2 years ago, unfortuntaly we lost his due to a sickness and gateway has provided that comfort with respect, dignity, and appreciation. Thank you so much to the people at Gateway.

Judy & Tony Bullough

After 14 1/2 years we had to say a final goodbye to our beloved Patches on November 14/09. For some unknown reason Patches touched our hearts & others more than any other dog we had. Having your ashes & pawprint bring some sort of company. Thankyou Gateway for being there at one of the most difficult times in our lives. Tony & Judy

~ see memorial in The Bridge

The Stevenson family

Codt you will be missed - CODY STEVENSON October 13 1993-November 23 2009


Cody willl miss u forever and always we were with us for 16 years CODY STEVENSON October 13 1993-November 23 2009

Joan E. Crosbie

On November 5th, 2009, I lost my dear companion of 12½ years. Mollie, my beloved Staffordshire Bull Terrier, was a loving friend and joyful soul and her passing has been very difficult for me. I did not know what to expect with her cremation, but I knew that I wanted her home with me. After picking up her remains last week, I cannot say how pleased I was- the tasteful presentation box, urn and pawprint were all things that I never expected. Thank you for treating us both with dignity and helping to make this difficult time a little easier for me. \\\"Love you forever, Molls!\\\"

Korena Stryde

I had April in my life for 10yrs. She was my sweet heart, my cuddler. I tried everything to rid her of her cancer, but there was nothing else we could do. I would like to thank Gateway, April`s paw print I will forever have with me. I`m glad to have her home. Love and miss you always April!

Doug and Sandy

Thank you Tina for being ; It was a short time since we adopted you from Karine; Sebastien really is missing you!French speaking dog learned Engish and you were truly bi ligual plus you spoke dog perfectly that even I understood @ 4.00am WHOF WHOF TINA- You are truly missed ! love!


I would like to sincerely thank Mark and the entire staff at Gateway! We trusted Gateway with our beloved ♥Yukon♥ and they were very professional, caring and sympathetic. I truly have the peace of mind that they treated ♥Yukon♥ as their very own. Having the opportunity for a last viewing was priceless and comforting. From the bottom of my heart thank you so very much for making the entire experience a little easier.

~ see memorial in The Bridge

The Pace-Tonna Family

Our dear cat Zoey sadly passed on Sept 20, 2009 and as heartbreaking as it has been, today picking up her ashes has provided closure in such a dignified way - a warm thank you Gateway for providing such a great service. We love you always Zo Zo.

Bambino Family

We lost Tori our Black Lab suddenly just this past July (2009) at the young age of eight years old. Tori was not just a dog, she was a forever friend and member of our family. It was always reassuring to have her in our yard watching while our young boys played. Tori’s ashes are now buried under a tree in our yard with a monumental stone honouring a wonderful soul – Thanks to Gateway she will always be with us watching over. Tori will be sadly missed by everyone who was lucky enough to have known her. Thank you Gateway for allowing us to bring our beloved Tori home. The paw print you included was a wonderful surprise and very much appreciated, and loved by all. God Bless, and Thank you. Joe, Michelle, Sammy & Johnny Bambino London, Ontario

Kathy gartshore

I want to thank Gateway expecially Darleen & Dr.Campbell of OVC for taking care of my sweet little Ailsea who was my everything 5 weeks have passed and I miss her more and more everyday.The Urn & paw print is just beautiful,again thank you for taking care of my sweet baby wish she was here

Paulina Kabourek

I want to thank Gateway for the wonderful service they provide for our loving pets. I also want to thank Mark Hummel for his kindness and caring during visitation and cremation of my beloved cat Griffin. The service gave me the closure and peace of mind I needed to know that my pet was in good hands and in a better place now after his short lived illness. I could not have made a better choice than Gateway and had a better person than Mark to handle it. Thank you.



Laura Taverner

When I had to say a `too soon` goodbye to my beloved cat `Schat` two weeks ago it was overwhelming and devastating to me. I made a very last minute decision to have her cremated and my Veterinarian told me that they would take care of the arrangements for me so I had no idea of what to expect. How impressed I was today when I returned to my Vet to collect her cremains and opened a small box to see her little paw print preserved for me. Although it brought a fresh round of tears, my heart was so touched to know that you took the time to immortalize her for me. I can`t thank you enough for the wonderful service you provide at a time of distress in peoples` lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. (Farewell my little Schatje, ik hou van je. xoxo) Laura Taverner Port Perry, ON

Wendy Mansfield

I`ve used Gateway for 3 of my animals..Ozzy my crazy but great iguana July,2001..the love of my life and my bestfriend my cat Smokey in Sept,2008..and now I`m waiting for my precious and loving rabbit named Bunny to come home May31 2009..I thank Gateway for that amazing feeling I get knowing that my babys are home again it almost takes the pain away..and knowing that they were treated with respect no matter what animal they are...Thank-you

Rick Oliver

Thank you so much GATEWAY for your great service. My cat Oingo was in my life nearly 17 year`s I miss him so much, again thank you (goodbye Oingo)


We lost Domino who was only four nearly a week ago. We received his ashes back today. Seeing his paw print, for which I am so grateful, was a great way to remember all the love that little animal gave me and my family. Thank you so much you have truly made in some way this grieving process slightly easier


Beagsley would be so proud to know he was being handled by such a professional company. We thank you on his behalf for being so informative and gentle with what we consider a family member and best friend, we loved and will miss him.


BRIGGS You brought alot to us over the last 10 years,you were your own dog.Weather it was wanting us to play with you with your toy or just stealing my seat on the couch.It broke our hearts when we lost you,we will never forget you. Thanks for the memories,LOVE YA BABE, MOMMY&DADDY XOXOXOX

Kirk Briscoe

I have used Gateway for Gomer(2000) and then Mindy (2005)and most recently I lost my beloved Sinasha(2009) and 10 days later Pookie(2009). The staff at Gateway went out of their way to make very tragic events in my life a little easier to deal with and were very compassionate and dignified in their treatment not only of my friends but also of my wishes. A most heartfelt THANK YOU!!

Karen Scott

On February 24th we lost our boxer/lab, Jack, 12 years old and on March 6th, 10 days later, we lost our apricot poodle, Mindy. We are heartbroken and sad but happy to know they are now together. Both Jack and Mindy were cremated and their boxes will be with us forever, as well as all the happy memories. Sadly missed by all who loved them.

Sandy Jackson

Thank you so much for my beautiful pawprint and donating money to the Ontario Veterinary College on behalf of my beautiful Princess Zena, who will be FOREVER in my heart!

~ see memorial in The Bridge


We feel so fortunate to have found the services of Gateway as a fitting tribute to our beloved dog Bandit. Unable to have children, our pets fill that void and we give the best we can and they give so much back in return. Gateway was very professional and understanding through our difficult time and we are more than satisfied with their services. We cannot replace our Bandit, but Gateway has enabled us to bring him back home in a beautiful urn and helped us to bring closure to the loss of a loved one. Thank You Gateway for all you have done for us. Jim & Laurie

Gary Gosnell

This is a lovely service we had Patches in Our Lives for 19 Years and we are treating her with respect and dignity any Pet owner who truly Loves their Pet will use Gateway Services. As Our Pet is not just a Pet they are Part Of the Family Thank You Gateway For providing this Service to us and treating our Pet with the respect and dignity she deserved. Gary Gosnell Windsor Ontario

~ see memorial in The Bridge

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