Online Memorials


1999 - 2017

We said our last goodbyes for now, to our beloved four footer on Friday, January 6th, 2017 after 17 years, 11 months of life. To some he was known as Sir Hissalot, to others Psycho Cat, to us, he was simply Kole or Boo/Pooh/Fart depending on what was going on when it was just Wayne and him, much to my chagrin. He was our loyal and loving companion including on an across country flight from Calgary to Toronto in 2000. Kole did things his way just as cats do including redesigning our couches. He loved when his harness came out in the spring as he knew he would be getting to spend time on the deck or in the grass looking for that special blade to chew. We knew when he wanted loving and when he didn't. He supported us through the many highs and lows of our life experiences and was a great stress reliever by just allowing us to hold him tight after a difficult day at work. He was a wonderful pet and we miss him terribly. We know he had a loving, fulfilled long life and for that we are grateful. We want to believe Kole will be waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge and will be playing with all the pet cats that held special places in all our hearts that have passed on before him including Boots, Dixie, Felix, Oscar, Meeka, Sam, Nina, Ebony, Professor, Frisky, Teddy & Tess to name just a few. Growing up Wayne was told thunder was just the animals in heaven bowling, so the team now has a new member. Rest in Peace dear Kole, we love you!