Online Memorials


Our beloved Chloe crossed over to Rainbow Bridge. She knew Heaven and who was waiting for her there. I know she made it. After leaving the hospital, I looked up to the sky. Our home faces East and we are close to the hospital. There in the sky was Chloe's face and head. I call it the Chloe Cloud. It was very comforting to see. I will post it for you to see with another photo. She is deeply missed. I want to say thank you so much to Gateway for the beautiful sympathy card and the Urn we picked out for Chloe. I picked the Sand for her because I lived in Arizona and live the earth and nature. The ribbon and wooden heart, with her name etched in it is beautiful for her. We are very grateful to all of you. Chloe was a special friend and member of our family. Thank you.